SAFE Network app - Error: Safe authenticator process not installed

I get ‘Safe authenticator process not installed’ when running the SAFE Network appimage.

Clicking ‘Install Now’ results in

If I close and re-open the app, it shows me the original error - first screenshot

Any ideas?

None of this is usable at the moment. So you can do is run a local test network (which isn’t ready) and use the command line interface.

When the testnet is running we might have the Safe Browser, and later the Safe App. Watch the Thursday updates for info.


We REALLY need to get some bigger notices up on GitHub that so much of this stuff is simply unusable for now.
Here again we have had someone come in with the best of intentions, done the RightThing and gone to GitHub for a poke around and then gets a negative experience when it predictably fails. How many do this and simply retire defeated without coming on here to (perfectly justifiably) complain? Thank you @yippeeyo for highlighting this.

Yes its yet another wee chore that we are asking to get done that will distract devs…

Can the community get some PRs together simply adding a banner/note saying " Not suitable for use right now - Watch this space" or something?


EDIT: I can fork GitHub - maidsafe/sn_app and edit the then submit a PR. But I think the best solution is a warning on the release links page that this code is unuseable for now. Release SAFE Network App v0.0.5 · maidsafe/sn_app · GitHub

But this will require dev time…


Yeah good point - it’s just a quick text update, I’ll get that done.

EDIT - done for browser (desktop & mobile), sn_app (desktop) :white_check_mark:


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