SAFE Network and social responsability

First I would like to congratulate all the great visionaries and work made by so many individuals! With the imminent release of SAFE a few concerns have clouded my thoughts. With décentralisation and anonymity comes all the unwanted and harmful aspects that come with total freedom:

-Human traficking
-Terrorist sites
-Untraceable coded communication
-Pedophile sites
-Torrent sites
-Streaming crimes etc.

With total freedom comes the heavy weight of responsibility, MAID places that responsibility on every single individual, I am sure we will see some great advances, but what can be done about the weaker links?

I can already see how SAFE will cause some serious repercussions in human trafficking and new and darker behavior with certain Individuals within the network!

Has there been any talks about how this could affect society and the safeguards to prevent such activity?

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