SAFE Network Alpha Release!


I’ve been trying but can’t get an answer to this question :disappointed_relieved:


chrome works for me…windows 10 here. Can anyone confirm vaults on Aug 23rd?


Videos work on chrome for you? I have never managed that.


no not sure if vids work on chrome but everything else does.


Thanks Savage and @leonmeitor
I just tried Firefox.
After setting the proxy again, it works great.

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yes videos are an issue on chrome. I can access regular content on it too. David mentioned the 23rd recently.


There are no servers, so everything is client-side only: because of that, things like MySQL and PHP are definitely out of the question (though people will likely develop some kind of SAFE-based database at some point, but it’ll likely be significantly different from MySQL since there is no way to run trusted server code). HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all work perfectly fine, with the caveat that the network proxy has unusual CSP headers that ban the use of inline CSS/JavaScript and so those won’t work unless they’re completely isolated into their own files (this improves security somehow: banning inline JavaScript prevents XSS attacks if there’s anyone who still writes webpages that are vulnerable to that, but I honestly have no idea what’s risky about inline CSS). Flash ought to still work and I think I saw a Flash thing on one of the earlier testnets, though I haven’t seen any Flash on the SAFE Network lately; since that’s gradually being superseded by HTML5 it will likely be a non-issue in the near future. Likewise, Java Applets also probably still work for people who still use browsers that support them, but anyone who’s still writing Java Applets in 2016 is asking for compatibility issues anyway.


I thought PHP could be used?


PHP is normally run only on webservers, and since the SAFE Network currently has no compute functionality there is nothing resembling a “server” that it might run on. It would possible to run PHP in a browser through something like this, but usually PHP does things which cannot be done client-side (like accessing databases directly) since doing them in client-side code would expose the internals of the site to users without any way to enforce the sorts of invariants that PHP or other server-side code would normally be able to.



My amv site is back up. :slight_smile:


There will be a second test network for vaults initially:


Congratulations on the Alpha release! Great work.


Yep waterfox works for me great


You can talk to the safe launcher with any language capable of using a REST interface. However, it has to be run from the client currently, which PHP doesn’t usually. That isn’t to say PHP can’t be run at the client side (say, as a docker container, which communicates with launcher), but it wouldn’t be what we traditionally consider the role for PHP.

In a future version of safenet, we should get server side apps, or rather vault side apps. Instead of the vaults being hard coded to execute file operations, they will become programmable to handle other operations. What shape this will take is all TBC, but it would allow vaults to operate on data on behalf of the parties involved. Theoretically, this could also provide a convenient and scalable way to provide distributed compute services - that would lift safenet to another level, IMO.


Just highlighting this , so , we’d have distributed computing vaults , storage only vaults …
Can there be such a differentiation or will it be mixed ? Seems worthwhile to be explored .


I have done an update of my alpha website if anyone is interested. I have had no problems with this Alpha Release and as a total noobie I am very happy. I know data will be wiped but not a problem as I have the website hosted locally on my computer and can be uploaded again. Thanks Maidsafe you have done a great job and a great service to humanity.



Great quotes, especially the one pertaining to EXTREMISTS and so true. Thanks.


Hi Traktion, So you use Pelican Static Site Generator for this site? if so will have to look into that, I am just using
notepad and a book to look up html tags which is a bit tedious, but I am new to html even though its been around for years. Thanks.


Vault, Launcher, and Browser combination would make a killer app :smile:


Yup! I don’t have much experience with static site generators, but tried a couple and this one was easy to use.

I had to strip some calls to google for custom fonts to isolate it from the clear net, but I think that was just due to the template I chose.

It should be pretty easy to keep a site like this current. Combined with a wee command line script (or basic app to monitor/upload changes) to only publish changes, it would be pretty slick.

I am working on something which will make this sort of thing simple, using existing tools. In short, I am planning to wrap the safe API with some common service overlays (e.g. FTP), which can be used locally (or remotely, security issues accepted). It is good to build on the shoulders of giants, etc! :slight_smile:

I don’t have as much spare time as I would like to do this, but I plan to put it to good use!