SAFE Network Alpha Release!



I spend in the last hour fixing my blog site, and now it is live! I added new blog, new image, and fixed the misplaced logo.


It’s smooooottth like a butter.


In the future will I need a maidsafe wallet address to register a public ID?

Do I need to own maidsafe coins to get a public ID?


Yes, I think you will need one Safecoin in a wallet linked to an account before that account is allowed to register a public ID. Details unknown, but something along those lines.



several files played back to back so there are pauses between clips.


Great work getting to the first alpha stage everyone!

On the safe websites i seem to not be able to play back any audio or video files, is that just me or a problem for others also?


What browser are you using?


Google chrome browser


with google chrome i cant reproduce videos so i use waterfox or firefox


this alpha is going very smooth, is it possible if things go very smooth for the next 2 alpha releases we could see the beta come faster than expected?


Very nice, I really like your site. I have been working on mine (way too much rudimentary until now) but i’ve not been allowed to make any changes over my 1st publication.
I even tried deleting the entire directory from my web public directory on the demo-app and uploading the new one, but nothing changes on the site. I also used the remap option…
¿Can anybody here please help me a little bit with that?


There’s some odd caching feature that’s catching some of us.
Press shift+refresh to force reload of pages that you visited before.

Caching I expect makes sense, as it saves the network refetching pages; I guess that might be done through some header encouraging browser to do that but haven’t been able to check if that’s the case.


Test your SAFE memory here :grin:


when will we have ability to run our own vaults? - this alpha or next alpha?


Think it was 23rd August if I remember correctly?!


Would love something like Evernote running on the safe network! Would OCR scanning of text still work if the data isnt going to a server to be scanned?


What kind of web pages could be loaded?

HTML, flash, java?
what about mysql? (server side php)



Lazy dog is still lazy… http://blog.traktion0.safenet/



Now with new quotes.


Hi Matt,
I have had the same problem. Just get a black screen when trying to access audio or video files.


@Matt is having issues most likely due to Chrome, if you are using Chrome too… try Firefox.