SAFE Network Alpha Release!


Personally I think that said browsers will have to work on integrating SAFE themselves eventually. Until then, as the ecosystem is just growing, I think going with a dedicated browser only is a good thing.

Problem with mass adoption instantly if the ecosystem is empty is that a lot of people will try it and not return, whereas if the barrier to entry is slightly above just click and playin the very beginning it gets time to fill out a little so that people don’t enter an empty bar.


safe://dir.yvette/ on Alpha
Out of 1549 PublicIDs guessed, fell 638 websites

I notice Beaker has a strong inclination to use its cached version. Even Ctrl|Shift+refresh doesn’t force a download. If a problem, then deleting [~/.config/SAFE Beaker Browser] works.

Please test my site

Really slow from South Australia, I’m guessing there is no POP in my country for Digital Ocean. Cant we pay for some CDN time and make this a decent showcase of the technology.

What excuse is there, for this not to be reasonably responsive across the world, given the infrastructure available at reasonable cost?

The launcher takes waaaay too much time to install…again, not geo located I guess.


Agreed, I found on Windows the installer for Alpha Launcher was very slow (I’m also in Australia).

But what I found odd was that it’s the only release with an installer. Other releases are just a zip which you extract and run. I prefer that since it keeps the files in one place. It also means once it’s downloaded it’s ready to rock and roll.


Hi, I have a quick question about the launcher and so on.

I made one account, and created a test site with my Public ID… then I made a second account and created another ID… then I tried to log into the first account days later, and the launcher said it failed to log in because the password was incorrect. I tried to create a third account and I tried to use the Public ID of my first account, and it said the Public ID was already taken.

How do I log into the first account, because I really liked that Public ID?



sorry to tell you but you’ll have to wait for the next testnet to re-register this particular ID :wink:

atm public IDs are first come first served … that might change in the future because your problem is exactly the problem we’d like to avoid … (you can search for e.g. petname system or auction type domain system if you are interested in alternatives that are being discussed @Amyx )


Thank you Riddim!

I’ll wait then :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is a solution to this, and I don’t think there will be for long time. I saw some discussions about this, but since the network doesn’t keep your password there is no way to reset it like currently with accounts on the internet websites, or the bank. This would be similar to loosing your private key of a crypto-currency.


Hmm… I see. Interesting problem. I’ll just have to pick a new public ID and stick with it. Hopefully my several test safenet sites will be gone when the Beta version of Safenet comes out.


I am not convinced it is always a case of forgotten passwords. I have one tried and tested years old password that I will never forget… used for radom non sensitive accounts. Test network accounts fall into that category for me.
Point being… the password has been rejected as incorrect multiple times over several different test networks after multiple days of inactivity.


You are talking about a possible bug, but I was talking about the fact that if you do loose/forget your password, the network cannot reset it, simply because it doesn’t store it.
If you keep seeing that bug you should report it since it would be very bad. I guess you are not talking about trying the same account/password after a new test net was launched since they wipe out all data, right?


I know I understood your point :slight_smile:

I am not sure it’s a bug, I have always assumed it’s a matter of data retention on test networks and will be solved as things progress.

Correct new accounts created, always after several days of inactivity.


hmm - i have 2 accounts i occasionally use in the current testnet … because i’m lazy and those are only test accounts i did type combinations of random keys and store the login-data in a text-file on my desktop … i didn’t have any problems within the last 2 (?) testnets :open_mouth:


There could be apps one day that Store your password and provide backup methods of resetting it for you


So if you have 3 accounts then each account could have this. So only if you forget/lose the password to all three accounts do you lose any.

Sounds like an idea.


Did David mean 6 months instead of weeks? Almost 4 months have gone by and I am doubtful we will see anything released before the end of the year.


You must be new here. Maidsafe operates on Valve time. It’s done when it’s done. They are doing what devs are suppose to do; work with goals, not work against time. Working under time induce panic is the worse thing in programming world, it leads to more problems and complains.


I understand what you are saying and am not new by any means. If your lead developer makes a statement it attracts a lot of attention. It is certainly reasonable to expect things to take longer than originally planned. If it took double the expected timeframe given it could still be considered reasonable. We are now over three times longer than was expected and there is still a feeling that we could still be waiting quite a while. This reflects poorly on the project.

Either they are running into major issues they did not expect or the lead developers do not have a good grasp on how well things are progressing. Either way, The team should be giving much more conservative time estimates.

Maybe he was just trying to drive more investment from BTTF by making theses overly optimistic statements like test safecoin in 4 months, etc. I’m calling them out on these estimates as being totally BS and they should just stop talking about any timeframe. It is negatively affecting the perception of SAFE network


He gave a pretty vague answer. He also disclaimed that guesstimate by saying they “are not sure yet”.

It’s certainly reasonable to ask if he’s more sure of a time frame now, but I don’t think you can hold anyone to the time frame they mention is this kind of context. If you try to hold them to it then you might make them less inclined to give any future guesstimates imo - which is good or bad depending on your expectations and tolerance for disappointment.

Personally I’d rather David felt he could just be honest without any drama, but sadly I think that is always going to be difficult and clarky’s pov is not irrational or unreasonable. It is understandable for people to feel frustrated. Especially as so many of us are invested both emotionally and financially in the project. I feel the pangs of frustration the same as anyone and I do sympathise with the impatience and need to have timescales that we can regard as vaguely accurate. Sadly though big innovation likes this comes at a price. There’s no telling what issues could come up when creating something this big and new. The ground work is done, but who knows how much polishing will be required? It really is anybody’s guess where problems will crop up and how much time they will take to solve. I do believe they will probably all be solvable though. I think that’s what really matters here isn’t it?! Where the story ends is what will matter in the end, not the timeline it took or the accuracy of predicting it. That game is more for traders than investors and I think MAID is a pretty dangerous thing to ‘trade’ most of the time precisely because it is so hard to predict when things will happen; managing your liquidity is a big part of trading.

I think we know enough to say it seems highly unlikely to take years longer for a full launch. It might take several months, perhaps it will even be hit by really tough problems and take a year or more. That doesn’t put me off; the possibility of it only being a matter of weeks/months away is just too exciting!

it was very vague, you can’t hold anyone to that kind of statement imo. although it is fair to ask for an update on it.
innovation comes at price, no one knows how long the unknown will take or what issues they will face.


This is the only part I don’t like. Quite rude

I liked your comments because I’ve been wondering the same for a bit, and you’re right it’s quite fair to ask for an update on “Alpha 2” since like you say it was 2 or 3x overdue.

Ask for an update, or ask if they have pivoted from that original goal (“Alpha 2”), but please don’t be rude or accusatory. Nobody here is trying to spread “BS” sir