SAFE Network Alpha Release!


Seems the man gave into his impatience and threw a tantrum. I know all too well how antsy I’ve been waiting for launch. Knees buckling, cold sweats, and unbearable chills. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cursed at my computer on several occasions hoping that my aggression would cause a favorable temporal shift. :tired_face: In the end I had to accept that things this delicate require careful design, planning, and execution. All of which should not be rushed. I’ve waited longer for the release of the StarCraft sequel for god sake. I think I can wait a little longer for the world to be transformed.

If anything I get more time to take in the current societal construct and appreciate just how ridiculous things are. Like watching a comedy and horror movie on a plane heading to a resort. It could crash but my confidence in arrival grows the closer we get. I just hope my 4 terabytes of data survive long enough to be secured by the SAFE network. Every anomalous sound emitted by my computer gets my heart racing and my blood pressure through the roof! :fearful: I’m too poor for a RAID system…:disappointed:

Come oooooooon MaidSafe… Daddy needs peace of mind! (throws the dice). <= No dice emoji? :-1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


then use the currently-running TEST 9 Network!

Run vaults from home with it right now and have peace of mind :slight_smile:

MaidSafe is just finalizing the efficiency of it all now


I would need more space than I have. 4TB * 4 = 16 TB <= eek!


Best not to try to get peace of mind backing up to a network that loses data & could be reset at any time :smiley:

Let’s hope it’s dependable once the upcoming RFCs on handling weak nodes & data chains are implemented!


If you have important data then i doubt buying 4TB HDD will break your budget to make it RAID1. If it does, simply buy 1TB and manually manage the most important part of backing up that 4TB.

It is not worth stressing over when the solution is quite easy.


Wasn’t he talking about peace of mind that SAFE is on it’s way, in it’s decentralized form?

I didn’t think he meant permanent data, at this stage


Avoid assumptions. My budget and the value of my data. :confused: 1TB = 1/4 of my equally important archives.


He wants his data protected. Thinks he can do it with safe. I said the best method is raid and or backups.

I believe that the cost to store 4TB on safe will be more expensive than buying 4TB of hdd. Simply because Safe volume amplification is 4x and those that provide space must get it from somewhere (buy it for the most part). Just the spare space from people’s harddrives won’t cut it for much else than to get the network up to speed without a need for investments.


Was testing. What does this mean?

Perhaps add a ‘details’ section to the error message with a ‘human’ error description. :smile:


Limited amount on PUTs in the test and you appear to have used them up.
Try with a different account and should be ok, unless you’re uploading so many files that it needs more than ?500 PUTs


The investment is space provided would be for a longer period that the need to put it on the network. Duplicate fragments will not use duplicate space. So, in the theory there is a lower cost for the network actual hdd than the data it can store… though the exacting detail of that I don’t know, it’s in the docs and detail provided somewhere… closer to time, would be interesting to understand more of that.


How much is a PUT? Does it translate to number of actions? Or number of files? Or to filesize?


I don’t know the detail but think it’s something like 1PUT / MB except for actions below 1MB… perhaps 3 PUTs for the 1st MB and then 1 PUT thereafter / file. The launcher has some indicator that roughly suggests what’s occurring.


Buy HDD’s now and pay to upload to SAFE = double investment I’d like to avoid. My threshold is 4 - 6 months. If no SAFE or reliable TESTNET for short term backup by then I will build the RAID system. For now I’ll keep the drives dormant and try to anticipate the files I’ll need until then. My income should improve fairly soon though. Maybe I’ll build a farming system before then and break even after launch. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I am trying to run the safe_launcher on CentOS 7.2 but getting stuck because the latest glibc installed is 2.17 and MS requires 2.18. Any suggestions?

Should I just go to Ubuntu?


had no idea where to put this, if i’m in the wrong thread, pls let me know where this goes. thanks!


I think this is the right place @erickemedy

Hopefully someone can answer your question here. I guess moving to another OS would be a solution but perhaps someone can help you get this to work on CentOS.


The proxy pac file mentioned here seems to make .webm files not work on Chrome. Any idea why?

.html, .css, .js all seem to work. But opening a .webm file results in:

tos000.webm:1 Refused to apply inline style because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “default-src ‘self’ *.safenet”. Either the ‘unsafe-inline’ keyword, a hash (‘sha256-H/s/dWGkGDaCkKqmo0VNeHrTgvJjinI5uvu7UmY6EB8=’), or a nonce (‘nonce-…’) is required to enable inline execution. Note also that ‘style-src’ was not explicitly set, so ‘default-src’ is used as a fallback.

Example file: http://stream.tenefas.safenet/tos/tos000.webm
Example stream: http://stream.tenefas.safenet

Works fine in SAFE Beaker Browser.

Tested on Chrome 55.0.2873.0 / Ubuntu 16.04


Seems to be case with every bug I’ve seen reported so far :slight_smile:

Glad we have our own browser :smiley:


I appreciate your enthusiasm!

But I disagree. Not only do I, tech savvy early adopter, want to use my favorite browser for reasons, I also think it’s absolutely vital for mainstream adoption.