SAFE Network Alpha Release!


How do you find them all, as a matter of interest?


If they’re not suggested, then I know of no route to finding them beyond guesswork. So, I don’t find them all. I expect perhaps I’m finding 80% if that… could easily be less than that. PublicIDs that are made obscure stay that way.

Fortunately, at least for this purpose, people are not very creative… so see how most are forum username as PublicID or most common words or most active domains on clearnet. Sub domains are less simple but a lot are home. hello. test. blog.; a lot of others are declared in forum; and many are simple cumulative of what’s gone before. I guess PublicIDs from subdomains others use and various other random routes but it’s more luck than judgement.

Mostly it’s on the back of that people want their content to be found…


Ah, OK. Dedication rather than psychic powers then :wink:


I know what you’re thinking… ;p


Aargh! Where’s the tin foil?


A fuller scan just completed; so, updating now slightly more complete guess… to be expected there are many still I’ve missed… let me know of any interesting content.

http://dir.yvette.safenet/ on Alpha
Out of 1360 PublicIDs guessed, fell 511 websites

eliaratic seems to have put some effort into creating a number of Alpha sites ‘for sale’… lol
I hope noone is foolish enough not to understand that PublicIDs will be zeroed again; or that there is no route to transfer of ownership at the moment afaik. I expect that isn’t a bot for the small number of those but eitherway it’s an indication of value in SAFE DNS.


and following on description of process above, having found PublicIDs where the website is not www. then sees a second pass find a fair number as blog. home. test.

So, now
http://dir.yvette.safenet/ on Alpha
Out of 1361 PublicIDs guessed, fell 606 websites

I expect there are naturally many more PublicIDs than I can guess at… and expecting those other 755 will have subdomains I couldn’t guess too.


Is that true? how are we being fooled by this?


The alpha 1 has the vaults in digital ocean servers.[quote=“frabrunelle, post:1, topic:10687”]
This is a client-only network, meaning that users cannot run vaults (contribute their resources) from home yet, all data will be hosted on a vault (p2p) network managed by MaidSafe

The claim is that the network will not work if the vaults are on user’s PCs.

So until all the changes that are being made to group structure etc are done and users then have vaults on their PCs this claim can be made.

Mind you there have been tests (the early ones) that showed it is feasible, even with pre-alpha code.

Remember that everyone has bias, my bias is that SAFE will work, for others the bias can be that SAFE is not the best way. Which is correct time will tell.

Having developed a hell of a lot of software in the past and a knack for doing things others thought was too hard, I have confidence that SAFE can work.


A vault network for the Alpha release is currently being hosted on Digital Ocean servers (many nodes of decent specs), against which the Alpha client is running. But it is still running as a completely valid vault network, not acting as a server.

This is to give App devs a stable, well spec’d network to develop against.

There is another vault network being run–SAFE Network Test 9–which is running to do more needed development. One of the key things to be accomplished is to differentiate low-capacity vaults from fully capable ones, so that they are not counted on to do things they can’t, and thus cause problems. This work is in progress, from the info I have.

There is nothing I’m saying here which MaidSafe hasn’t been completely upfront about, so Daniel’s post is a bit misleading, I think.

We’ll see what “Safe Exchange” does, with or without the SAFE Network. I wish Daniel well, but wish he’d stop with the sour grapes.


I agree, it’s becoming a nuisance really. Seems like an explosion of FUD and negativity for no reason that any of us know of. Be great if Daniel is looking to help that he explains his concern, not say “breaks the law of physics” etc. as that is preposterous. Thee is plenty to get into detail over, code, rfc’s etc. so it’s all out there to be picked at (we encourage that :wink: ).

A real shame and a nice guy gone astray from this project at least, maybe even the community he has been involved in. Soul searching time then move on I would suggest.



Is that true? how are we being fooled by this?

What is it you are concerned about? The nature of the alpha 1 network and each testnet has been clearly stated when announced.

All have involved droplets to some degree (e.g. for seeding), some also involved user owned vaults. Some users have run their own vault networks independently. This is testing.

The purpose of alpha 1 network was stated to provide a stable platform to enable so developers to build and test with, using the SAFEnetwork API. For that reason it was run on droplets only, while more unstable tests proceeded on separate testnets.

I hope that clarifies. There has been no deceit because all this is explained in the developer update announcing each of alpha and testnet.


His platform to me is also completely uninteresting as an app. Exchanges are a dime in a dozen. I honestly couldnt care less.


To be honest, I’m not concerned at all, but wanted you all to know what he was saying about. Besides, it is kind of unfair for people he is attacking, not to be aware about their declarations. I’m happy now because everybody knows their intentions are not 100% positive and I hope this don’t take more time from people that is working on really good stuff within the safe network…


Yes its very true.

You are not being fooled. @dallyshalla is being fooled. Or he is pretending to be being fooled.

This is not unlike a new automobile being tested in a controlled environment. The reasons are many why this is done but the biggest is that the testers can gather the test data efficiently and trust it more because they are intimate with the test environment.

As for Dallyshally - he has living well with everyone elses money and made some promises he cannot keep. I offered a critical review of him and his methods some time ago and was lambasted by almost everyone on this forum. I did end up apologizing privately to Daniel for HOW I delivered my accurate assessment but I stood by my claims. He does not have the capacity or skills to do what he says he can do.


David, you’re a compassionate guy and speak from the heart I only wish I had half your goodness. This is no “real shame”. This is good news. Its better to know the real Daniel now, than have him continue his charade. His recent actions are a testimonial to his character. Daniel just didnt become this, he was always this.


idk, he’s not a bad guy.

I just feel like he’s made a public decision and it would take a huge amount of humility to come back over, which would be hard for any person at this point.

Still hope it happens one day! Maybe after launch. Economic incentives


It is a test of character and he has failed. I feel for those who invested in him, but safe net is better off without him.


He IS a bad guy and you’ve been punked!

This is more about an unprofessional, immature and deceptive conman kid who thinks nothing about attacking the people who sent him money and supported his dream.

His talents are a dime a dozen and he should not be welcomed back. Let him understand there are consequences.


Keep on-topic please.