SAFE Network Alpha Release!


I understand there are certain big apps that are not yet possible but as said above it would be cool to see community alternatives to the demo app, things like safe share etc…

As mentioned in another thread, using the API’s are beyond my understanding so I have to wait for those who have the skillz :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I only got a -3 :frowning:


How do you make one of those?


congrats! dont worry, its not that bad im suuure! :wink:


Out of 379 PublicIDs, fell 227 websites, of which 84 are beyond default and interesting.
it seems blog. and home. are popular


@Viv Would it be possible to upload the SAFE Browser onto the SAFE Network and have a button on the SAFE launcher that downloads the browser from The Safe Network onto the user’s computer?

Edit: you could do this for the demo app as well.

Edit: the SAFE launcher could also auto detect the what OS the user is using and download the appropriate version.


It’s certainly possible and something thats been previously discussed as a long term goal for deployment of apps in general to source them from the network itself. With Shares, this should become a lot more generic, before that it should still be possible with some “workarounds” wherein launcher has a hard-coded DirectoryListing it tries fetching and parses the info from it accordingly for the appropriate applications. AppendableData type also opens a few more elaborate approaches that could even facilitate dedicated app-store sort of apps which can then take things even further to not just source apps but also aggregate user feedback(reviews) for apps and such to allow future users to know what to expect with the same app while providing versioned cross-platform apps. While these probably may be best served being standalone apps than bundled in the Launcher, they should certainly be possible :slight_smile:


@whiteoutmashups will be doing stuff like this, but in the mean time anybody can provide a simple public store and upload all the released binaries to it.

This won’t be as smooth as installing directly from SAFEnetwork but still a nice thing to do, and useful for anyone who wants to upgrade from one release to the next now we have more stable testnets.


I think it would be easiest for users if MaidSafe’s launcher came bundled with the necessities, like the SAFEr Browser and a few of the core apps that were made / funded by MaidSafe.


I’m getting this error now when I try to access a safesite from chrome or firefox:

“There is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect.”

I did double check my proxy setup and it should be correct. It does work in the SAFE poc though.

Anyone else have similar problem?

EDIT: never mind, the proxy switch was turn off in the launcher, lol, when did I do that…


@Savage just to show that indeed there’s stuff getting built http://mysafenet.drunkcod.safenet/
It’s essentially the demo app functionality built in Winforms (C#) mainly to have something a bit more substantial to play around with the API and develop my .Net api bindings.

You can manage public id’s and services and upload & delete files.

If you happen to be on a windows box and give it a spin. Be a bit careful with the drag and drop, it will happily transfer most anything I’ve thrown at it but you can easily burn puts that way if you drop the wrong thing :wink:


:+1: nice. thanks for the share!


For some reason I’m not able to upload more than 14 files to my Public Folder using the current SAFE Demo App and Launcher The largest file is 40K and most are 4-7K. I’ve deleted the files and started uploading them but the system always hangs at 14. Have I discovered a bug or encountered a constraint?
Any ideas about this would be much appreciated! Ian


I just upload a simple set of files similar size, without issue.

Check you’re not short of PUTs.
If it’s clear which file is getting stuck, perhaps just upload that one file.
Not sure why file type would matter… in theory a file might be corrupt and then upload might trust the filesystem’s view and upload more than 40k and take a while doing that but that seems unlikely.
Try doing the same in a new account…


Out of 398 PublicIDs, fell 238 websites
=> +


Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to MySafenet we now have v0.0.0.2 http://mysafenet.drunkcod.safenet/ !!

The super exciting new feature is the ability to right click and actually also, DOWNLOAD stuff…


Woo that IS exciting! Nice work. Can you tell me what the Register box does? Also why can’t uploaded files be viewed in the demo app?


Register box is for registering public id’s, right click to add a “service” (i.e. site).

The demo app and MySafenet both utilise only their per application directories, as can be deduced from neither of them asking for “drive” permissions.

So that’s why, they could exchange file if they both suppored reading/writing to drive and that would be trivial to add.


Ah OK, I understand now. I just get an error trying to register an id - “Failed to register service”


You can add / use


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