SAFE Network Alpha Release!


I am using osx 10.11.5, I have the alpha launcher running, when I execute the demo app I get the message that it is installed successfully but the safe launcher doesn’t show any app asking for permissions. What am I missing?
I have set up the pac so I can see safe sites but the demo app is still not showing up in the launcher.


@optictopic I’m on same os as you and haven’t had that problem but just as a trouble shooting suggestion open up activity monitor and see if there are any other demo app or launcher instances running and force quit them. That’s something I had going on in a previous release on Mac and David told me to look there it solved my issue. Not sure if it’ll help but something to try till someone else gets to you


I gave that a try but the Demo app is still not recognized by the launcher.


Probably not the case but you are using the latest version of the demo app right?




You need to start the launcher, login or create account, then start the demo app. It won’t show up in launcher until then.


I had assumed that downloading and installing the demo app was all that was necessary for the launcher to recognize the demo app. I did not see a demo app icon anywhere but when I did a search for the demo app the icon came up, so everything is good now. Thanks for the help!


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Alpha looks good from here, no issues and still going strong. :thumbsup:

Out of 378 PublicIDs, fell 132 websites

Again, that’s all guesswork… let me know any I’ve missed.


I saw the SAFE network site. I was confused. I had to remember what an Alpha was. For a second I thought it was a release to market. No but its solid proof of concept. Its more than that as there is no second guessing on what can be done now. For instance, I don’t see caveats about latency ect. No, what I see is SAFE is about to get a browser, and the coin is coming and the continued claim that its a solid in many ways no compromise straight replacement for the clearnet. Its a miracle. Thank you.


A lack of current discussion about latency has not made the issue go away. We are yet to see interactive applications such as live messaging.


test 8 por favor? just sayin…


Why are we not seeing any preliminary apps?
Are folks afraid of ideas being stolen, copied or name squatting?
I would have thought we would see something.
Anybody prepared to confirm they have something but are not prepared to show it yet for any reason?


I have a few things as work in progress, but not ready for general consumption. I am sure others do too.


So the reason we are not seeing yours is that they are not ready and has nothing to do with my points above?


Correct. They just ain’t finished! :slight_smile:


I’m building a few things. But none of them is more exciting than the demo app since that one mostly shows all current capabilities.

There might be a few people doing more exciting work using lower level APIs. Most of the applications being discussed rely on things quite far down the road map.


Would be nice to see variations or alternatives even so :slight_smile:


Probably people are waiting for some signs of this project actually working? Currently the safe network is still pre-alpha, beta is the stage when outside people can feel confident of not doing wasted work.


Basic tools would be then used to build more advanced tools. More advanced tools would enable all kinds of services built by people who aren’t actually tool-makers. We’re still at the pre-basic tool stage.