SAFE Network Alpha Release!


That gives me an error I’ve not seen before:



My new error is equally impressive I think


Yeah but I scored -9… which is obviously a bigger error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it a feature that the errors are cryptic?


I had a similar one couple of times with other sites I think. But the site works for me, so maybe I did something wrong with the html to make it safenet-ready?


It seems easier this time to upload a folder, rather than its contents - into the top level of the site; so, perhaps you’ve got a folder where the files should be? If you can see the site yourself, then that’s less obvious but if you’re seeing an error too, then look at where the index.html file is. I’m not entirely sure what’s changed but a couple of times I did it wrong and had to try again.


Hi all,

Could anyone help me, I’m trying to create a maid address (as some have above) but without the prefix website name.

So I would like just http://publicid.safenet

I can see that this can be done from earlier post’s but I can’t figure it out, is this something I would need to do without using the safe demo app ?


You just need to type in www when you are creating your address.


Yes, you first create the public ID, and then must use www for the service when you publish the directory. Since www is a default, it is optional, so either http://www.publicid.safenet or http://publicid.safenet will work.

Any other service name is not optional.


Just a little suggestion here…

When I login via Safe Launcher I note it says “Trying to Connect You to The Safe Network”. I don’t like the word “trying” and feel it would be more positive to say: “Connecting You… etc” :slight_smile:


. . .

That was the article I first read after I first heard of maidsafe just an hour or so ago, via @censorednewsnow

Will share with networks now I’ve had a sniff around


. . .


Just being light-hearted but you will see why it says “Trying” next time the vaults are tested again.


Thanks @Art, that made me look again at proxy and find the installation instructions for Win10


Loading for me! Looks great, still got no idea what to do next, back to the help files!


Not sure where to post as well, but here is what I have thus far. Please note this site was built last year so things are not current with my plans.

Also, had a problem uploading it so here is the exact address:






? lost there.

Also John, when attempting to click on your links in your landing page I would get errors when attempting to navigate to the links. @frabrunelle I have notice that if the code has “/page.html” instead of “page.html” it will cause the address error; kind of opposite of how I normally do it with the / included.


A video walkthrough alpha from madmax @


http://nevercensored.safenet/ works great @davidpbrown

Nice video.


20 characters :innocent:

You mean on my safenet site? Yeah, I noticed that too. I’ll look into debugging. I’m fine if they link to clearnet sites, but will have to sort it out either way.


I know I have probably uploaded too many… Ill try to curb my enthusiasm :grin: :surfer: