SAFE Network, a new hope against surveillance capitalism?



Amazing article on the current stage of surveillance capitalism we currently live on. SAFE Network, a new hope in that regard?

A Digital Declaration by Shoshana Zuboff
'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism

A must read from today’s Observer.

SAFE Network’s mission is looking bigger and more important than I thought. A must read IMO:


She has some great turns of phrase.

Once we searched Google, but now Google searches us. Once we thought of digital services as free, but now surveillance capitalists think of us as free.

The combination of state surveillance and its capitalist counterpart means that digital technology is separating the citizens in all societies into two groups: the watchers (invisible, unknown and unaccountable) and the watched.

Surveillance capitalism moves from a focus on individual users to a focus on populations, like cities, and eventually on society as a whole. Think of the capital that can be attracted to futures markets in which population predictions evolve to approximate certainty.

I’d quite like to read the book but I’m not sure I could stand 660 pages of having my worst fears affirmed.


I honestly can’t wait for the network to be ready to watch these surveillance capitalists squirm. It will be interesting to see how they try to stop the network and no doubt try to make it illegal for the"children".

I don’t know what’s more scary the fact that this is happening or the fact that most people don’t seem to know/care that it is.


Here another important article on the nature of surveillance capitalism and how we can change what it becomes, this one by Shoshana Zuboff herself.