SAFE name to be used by new coin


I also refer to Safenet as Maidsafenet after enthusing to people I met and basically sending them here - - I know I’m ‘statistically less prevalent’ but I stop short of freelance advertising for a massive security firm - SafeNet, Inc. was an information security company based in Belcamp, Maryland, United States. The company is now the fifth largest vendor in the security market and third largest provider of information security solutions in the world with revenues of around $500 million
I am not sure if I’m posting in the right place as I’m not ranting but Msafecoin or Maidsafecoin - anything to differentiate the real SAFEcoin from the plethora of fakes that may rise up from the bogs and marshes. And all this from someone who still hasn’t got one IOTA.
I’m probably waiting for an MSAFEcoin. an M what? MAIDSAFE. :grinning:


Just call it MaidCoin and MaidNetwork :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is why SAFENetwork is the official name.


Safecoin recently requested to be merged into the bip39 tool.

#25 has no qualms about plagiarism.


Their trademark is only for the USA. Maidsafe has applications for the other places in the world.

Does this make a difference. Maybe make it “safecoin - USA” to distinguish from the real safecoin


My general understanding is that so long as the underlying businesses are not directly comparable and the service marks (I.e. logos) are different, then prior existing registered trademarks don’t matter. For example, if I wanted to register a trademark for a shipping company called Apple using a differentiated service mark (I.e. not an Apple with a bite taken out of it), then I can do so without having infringed upon Apple’s IP rights.

The question, I think, is: would the USPTO see the two underlying businesses as directly comparable/competitive?