SAFE name to be used by new coin


Big potential for damaging confusion here. The Dash blockchain is to be forked on 20th Jan and the new coin resulting from fork will be called – wait for it – SAFE. Not sure if there is anything @maidsafe can do about this but if there is obviously they need to spring into action asap. Thanks to zero_ghost on the safenetwork group for spotting this and pointing it out.

What is the name of the coin?

Hmmm. Something needs to be done. They may not even be aware, but I find that hard to believe.


You could also see this as an opportunity to get some not too expensive attention.


What is the main concern here, the ticker?
I think the credibility and chances of the fork amounting to anything should be carefully considered before battling over what could amount to another nothing project.
Would suck to lose the ticker though.
Could we change the MAID ticker to SAFE as a place holder? Seems impractical.


This was stated else where on the forum recently.



I doubt they don’t know about MaidSafe. I bet they know no trademark has been registered yet.


How did we not see this coming :confused:


The first to submit usually gets first dibs, even if you have you wait on official confirmation. You can use TM to unofficially claim a trademark, but a granted trademark is an R in a circle. At least in UK law anyway.


This is unfortunate in the short term. Are you guys sure that MaidSafe doesn’t have a (SAFE) placeholder somewhere, but not advertised? Trademarks won’t protect you in this sphere. In the long run it doesn’t really matter because both the copy cat’s technology and their exchanges won’t be used or chances are they won’t even exist.

EDIT: Found this mentioned in the forum from about six months ago.

The permanent and public nature of this forum will help prove (to anyone who cares about being truthful) which crypto was labelled SAFE first. It will only make the copycats look foolish.


So we’re safe, huh? I think the same applies for the states.


Ughhh, seriously do people in crypto ever have an original thought for themselves…

Let’s see decentralised-flogged, farming-flogged, autonomous-flogged, Safecoin-flogged, SAFE-flogged. I know imitation is the highest form of flattery but sheesh :smirk:


Would love to hear a response from @maidsafe


Makes me think of when people would rush to register and squat on domain names just so they could extort ransom from the people who truthfully and rightfully needed the resource/asset. Not cool, and not a good look. :roll_eyes:


XCoin > Darkcoin > Dash > Safe

Maybe the big exchanges could be made aware of Safecoins protections, before this gets listed.


IMHO The “SAFE” marker should be part of the code copyright under GPL V3 as part of MAIDSAFE to make it unique as you cant trademark a generic word. The Identity of the effort really is MAIDSafe is it not? This change can be added quickly by the foundation in the code header of all source code as part of the 2018 copyright statement so it lives somewhere in the public domain and can be defended. Copyright law is indeed as strong if not stronger than Trademark law when it comes to source code.

We did this all the time when I worked for Montavista the first embedded Linux vendor circa 1999 to 2008, now part of Cavium…, to keep code squarely under GPL V2, V3 LGPL etc…

I hope this helps



It is always there in every source code of ours (or at-least is intended in case there’re some that’re missed).


We are looking at this at the moment and will revert back once we have something more conclusive.


Here is another copycat. It may or may not be related to the coin already mentioned in this thread.
The domain placeholder :
No need to visit it if you are meltdown leary. It only has this link to github:

Edit: Here is another one on github -
Searching for “safecoin” on github also has some interesting hits.✓&q=safecoin&type=

What is the name of the coin?

Btw has anyone found any more info about that other Chinese SAFE? I ran their page through a translator to find no mention.


SAFE would be good to have but it’s not the end of the world.

Many people I speak with call anything related to Maidsafe and safecoin or SAFENET as Maidsafe.

Worst case scenario is we have a situation like bitcoin cash and as you saw there people just designates them as they should of been called.

Can’t wait to hear back.