Safe name brand poll

EDIT-UPDATE: Poll is now closed. It was a close vote at the end. But “Safe Network” with a space has pulled through as the winner. Thanks to all who participated!


Vote for all options you like.

EDIT: There has been concern raised that “SafeNetwork” (no spaces) may lead to trademark infringement issues with the owner of “SafeNet”, which is a trademark owned by a completely separate company. I will add more here if I learn more. In the meantime, you may change your vote at any time until poll is closed … maybe Sept. 12th (unless there is good argument otherwise to leave open longer).

  • SAFE
  • SAFE Network
  • SAFENetwork
  • Safe Network
  • SafeNetwork
  • Add "The " to the front - e.g. “The Safe Network”

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Interesting so far. Just bumping this.


I will just say that Safe is such a good brand name. Only 4 letters, you can’t confuse it. People will shorten it to this in everyday language anyway…


wah! :open_mouth: adjective ≠ noun

I’ll get used to it but Safe doesn’t encourage a brand like SAFE, just a confusion where Safe is used in language as if it’s “safe” adjective, rather than SAFE noun.

Still, trivial also encourages engagement…

I’m thinking FUSE (=Fuse) is relative to file systems and a transparent mountable access to SAFE… that’s the ideal that I’m looking forward to. Just simple enhancements will be such an easy sell to new users - it will we so refreshing not to have to rely on local hard drives for backups.

( noting also the font change on the site to serif and the emoticons t2 :+1:t2: )

:+1: :beer:


I agree with the move to Title Case - it looks a lot slicker. However, I would also suggest removing the space, so SafeNetwork, the reason being that ‘safe network’ is pretty much Unduckduckgoable (and yes, that is a word :wink: )


This makes a lot of sense, and is a good idea from a branding perspective too.


I can’t say I’m convinced on this one. I think you should always use natural language where possible, as it’s pronounced so it should be typed; this is much more usable.

And given that SEO is not case sensitive Safe Network continues with just the same ranking progress, interchnageble with SAFE Network. Which ranks pretty well at the moment, and that’s even without wikipedia etc. We are number 2 on DuckDuckGo at the moment for example.

Would moving to SafeNetwork undermine that? We can’t know for sure, but it is possible.


As well as SEO I also think it gives it a stronger identity as ‘safe’ on its own is very broad and has multiple possible meanings. Off the top of my head some other brands with no space: Facebook, LinkedIn, AutoDesk, Autotrader, GoCompare, MoneySupermarket, WordPress, Microsoft, TripAdvisor …


Just to note Google atm “Safe Network” comes up with a nice on target for what is available as; this forum; and the sites. So, perhaps that only gets stronger… the nearest competitor is .nz and doesn’t look to have ambitions to be a global challenge.

Perhaps separate words will help hold position as that phrase and better then than establishing a new SafeNetwork as a word.

and encouraging though meaningless “About 3.320.000.000 results”

It’s possible that the combination of words will also leverage whenever someone searches for network and safe among other words… which is as above a large set of search opportunity.


Hmm… I very much doubt it. ‘Safe’ and ‘network’ are both too common to piggyback a ride on for SEO.


“SafeNetwork” also brings back appropriate results:

With branding, sometimes you can’t quite control it (Federal Express vs. FedEx). It’ll be interesting to see how people en masse come to reference the technology.


I just tried searching for safe network and we dominate results on Google and Startpage, and are the second and third results on DDG. So no probs with SEO?


Must have improved since last time I tried then! Still prefer SafeNetwork as a band though. I’ve noticed people do quite often join it together automatically.

Edit: while we’re at it Safecoin or Safe Coin?


Safecoin for sure IMO- ala Bitcoin, not Bit coin.


I agree. IMO Safe Network, means “a safe network” i.e. Generic or could be mistaken for such i.e. A network that is “safe” whatever that means (to an outsuder), while SafeNetwork in in of itself shows that it’s a brand/name for a specific network- and gives it a stronger branding or brand identity/identification IMO


I’ve gone back and forth on the name change, but if SAFE → Safe is finalized, and if SEO isn’t much of a problem now (and likely to become less and less of a problem …), then I think Safe Network > SafeNetwork. Though I think either would work.

Safe Network is generic, but if we’re already arriving near the top of search results, then generic could actually be a huge boon. To be able to “claim” Safe Network in that way is pretty amazing. And likely to become more impressive over time.

SafeNetwork is more overtly branded, which is important if the name creates ambiguity, and so needs that distinction. But if the name doesn’t create (much) ambiguity, then sticking with the simplest / least stylized spelling is actually the most potent, IMO. Again, I think being able to claim “Safe Network” is a heck of a scoop.


I think I am with JPL on this one. We already have like SafeCoin and MaidSafe etc. So I think just letting CamelCase standardize all the things would be a good move. Or alternatively if fans of spaces, then everything should be spaced out.

Other things that irk me are _ in HTTP headers vs - . And people that don’t follow proper REST design for their micro-service APIs. Dev pet peeves.


Maybe a poll will help here?

Safe Network Or


The White House. There is no mistaking that, or confusion with a wee pale coloured cottage. It doesn’t become more powerful if it’s the WhiteHouse, because a name is only a very small part of a brand.

Also, it has occured to me that there might also potentially be an issue of trademark to consider.

SafeNet is a registered mark, so does would concatenating SafeNetwork move us closer to infringing that mark?