SAFE Mobile Browser: FAQS

What is the SAFE Mobile browser?

The SAFE Mobile Browser is a cross-platform mobile (Android, iOS) browser, built to provide web browsing experience to the users on the SAFE Network.

What are the main features?

Currently, the mobile browser has limited features like browsing static websites from the SAFE Network and using bookmarks to save a list of websites. Check the latest feature list here.

How do I download?

Platform OS Version and Architecture Download QR Code
Android 5.1+(armeabi-v7a, x86_64) AppCenter, GitHub ![QR Code
iOS iOS 11+ (ARM64, x64) Coming soon

Note: If a Blocked by Play Protect pops up during installation, just click install anyway

Why do I need an Authenticator?

The authenticator app is required to authenticate the SAFE mobile browser to store and retrieve the bookmarks from the network. The bookmarks are synced with the desktop browser when using the same account on desktop and mobile device. You can watch GIFs on how to do this here.

Where do I get the Mobile Authenticator from?

You can download the latest version of the app SAFE mobile Authenticator app from GitHub release.

Why should I update my IP address?

As a part of the invitation token mechanism to prevent spamming of the test network, the user needs to update their IP address being used.

Where can I update my IP address?

The user can update the IP address here. Click on SAFE Network logo, select the Alpha-2 test network and update your IP. Make sure your current and registered IPs match.

Why can’t I search the Clearnet?

The Clearnet websites are blocked on the mobile browser and users can only explore websites hosted on the SAFE Network.

How do I get support / raise an issue?

Please feel free to raise any issues found on the mobile browser here or drop us comment on the forum.


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