SAFE meet-up in or around Austin?

Anybody interested in forming a meetup in the Austin/San Antonio area?

I’d like to make the acquaintance of others in the general area who are interested in SAFE.

Anyone interested, respond here and/or PM.


Theres a song for that…

Any excuse, however flimsy, for a spot of Doug Sahm.

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I would like love to attend an austin meetup (if it was less than a days drive), perhaps you could set it up to include google hangouts or mumble as a way to allow other small groups around the world to watch or even participate.

That is a good idea. We’ll see what can be done. Haven’t gotten any response from anyone in the south Texas area yet, though. May be a bit premature, but won’t be for long, I think.

I’ll think about an international meetup via Mumble or the like. That might be fun.


You might contact the guys at based in Austin. They have a radio and podcast program that I am sure would love to interview you.


Great idea. I’ve listened to some of their shows. I’ll contact them.