SAFE lite fork feasibility

How feasible would a fork with the following characteristics be?

  1. No focus about businesses and no intent to make money

  2. Would never attempt to sell space on the network

  3. No associated coin

  4. Restricts users to a static fraction of the local resource they provide and bars access to the network when that resource is offline

  5. Instead of scale relies upon verified hardware, mesh, line of site optical, white noise signal carriers etc., to secure the network.

Looking for something where someone like Assange would change his rule about not using a computer to communicate if at all possible.

Maybe even a strip net version where it would only transmit text and only in one font in one size in one color with code the size of a virus. Maybe this plus it becomes stateless with no provision for record storage other than local?

You can make an App on top of SAFE Network which will reach your goals?

Add a barebones os like qubes. compartmentalisation is key for anonymity.

I keep thinking of Assange’s advice not to communicate stuff that matters with a computer. And I have read even with SAFE there is the issue of hardware compromised at manufacture to snoop and systems that can reads screens from emf and read keyboards from vibration and maybe stuff that merges all that. And audio telescopes can hear on the ground conversations from space and lasers pick up conversations from vibrating surfaces. But look at the practical utility. The whole program of fraud at the Trump admin is halted or seriously starts to collapse if they can’t retaliate against people who bring things forward and make examples of them.

With the Assange criteria in mind how far away is SAFE’s model from the Lightening Browser on IP2 on Android on clearnet?

I get that with SAFE you don’t send passwords across the network and they use quantum resistant codecs and 4 copies distributed into unknown hidden shifting locations. But how far does that get you? Does it cross a threshold making it better categorically than available tools, would it pass Assange’s test? Is it the greater distribution potential that matters?

I think that to keep your anonymity is neccesary to have two lives. One just as average Joe and second deep hidden in a network, were you never leave treats to your real one.

If agencies makes you suspicious and start hard investigate what you do, it is nearly impossible to cover everything.

Anyway SAFE network will make work of agenies much harder if network will have xx millions users

My advice to protect yourself with not compromised device is to have one to not connected to your government and US.

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