SAFE Launcher won't connect, am I missing something?

Downloaded the launcher and demo app today, the laucher tries to connect to the SAFE network but keeps failing. Checked all my settings including firewall, Running standard Win10 on a standard PC, any ideas?

tnx for any replies

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Did you download the latest version, for testnet 18?

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That probably explains it, try again at trust level 1,

thank you.

Also the Launcher is no longer used. The SAFE Browser is used to access the SAFE Network currently and they created what is called the Authenticator. The Authenticator is what you will use to log onto to the SAFE Network and is integrated into the SAFE Browser. You can also check this video out here to get a idea on who things will operate in the next test network.


It is still possible to access safe websites from the safe browser as read-only (this means you won’t be able to upload anything) without an account like safe://safechat.jam and Vidy release (Joseph’s Safe Websites Project)