SAFE Launcher v0.4.1 - patch update released

The SAFE Launcher has just had a patch version update to v0.4.1


  • 500 Error code removed
  • 404 added and 202 changed to 200
  • In file response file_metadata undefined value issue fix
  • Fixed the issue with user metadata not being updated
  • Post Package workflow integration
  • API Version Updated to 0.4
  • Error Codes updated to match with safe_core
  • CORS Allowed Hearers and Methods updated

Download the new version here > SAFE Launcher v0.4.1

Please note: the test Vault network has not been reset - so data remains intact


Thanks ! Unwrapping the gift :ant:


Nice, thanks for the work. I am recompiling my own local version w/ CORS disabled so I don’t have to expose the API to every site on the internet.


@Ross can you explain what if any difference this makes for end users? Thanks

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@happybeing from an end users point of view - this release adds no new functionality.

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I have just installed it and I get an error when trying to create a new website:

Upload failed
Failed to create directory /public/mydirectory

It worked fine with previous release

I am unable to replicate this @edulopez would it be possible to report this in JIRA Customer Support - it is our preferred method to collect and manage issues, if you could provide as much detail as possible, like Operating System, Version of Launcher, etc that is would help us out a lot - thanks.

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It’s working OK here, without any errors (Win 7).

It works on OSX 10.9.5

It’s working fine (Windows 2008 Server)

netsh advfirewall add allowedprogram “path”\safe_launcher-win-x64\safe_launcher.exe “SafeNetwork” ENABLE

To Create and Enable Rule in firewall