SAFE is the Size of a Virus

To the detractors, take note. In terms of lines of code and memory its comparable to IBM PC DOS 1.0 from 1981, which was viral in size. But its a new OS for the internet. To the proponents, you may not want it compared to a virus, but take heart its microscopic portability and in its clarity and comprehensibility. These characteristics mean it may spread like a virus. But its actual design is a means of ridding the net, that all of us paid for and by right’s own, of the virus of puppet media and state propaganda. Its potentially a huge step toward defunding and rendering transparent the world’s spy agencies and plutocrats. These two entities exist to increase inequitable power, and SAFE looks to be itself a solid step or at least a quick and efficient method type for getting rid of them. Everyday people may be caught up in a material life style but that won’t blind them when they start to understand they’ve been being deliberately f’d over and by whom.

SAFE is a means to dumb pipe both states and delusional corporations. Watch their ridiculous return on equity and status/privilege claims evaporate in the face of it. Watch its code quickly override and undo endless amounts of puppetized crime masquerading as law.