SAFE is doing itself a massive disservice by not capitalizing on

I was phrasing it that way on purpose. Their bias is why people like them. You and I will see a different set of results after searching for the same thing on Google and I love that. I don’t like how they achieve it (by building a profile on me) but the end result is sure convenient. Call me lazy but I don’t like to weed through a lot of hits I have no intention visiting. I call that first class service and I would like if search on the Safe Network would be at least nearly as convenient in the future. “Personalization without invasion of privacy” would be a sweet selling point.

I think this comes down to letting us decide what we want to see and hear. If I don’t like something I’m reading I put it down, if I don’t like something on tv or radio I change the channel or switch it off. I understand that other people like stuff that I don’t and they are entitled to watch or read that as they please. As long as they leave me to enjoy my content and don’t try to get it banned or removed.

I don’t need any person, government or corporation to decide this for me. That’s why I hope SAFE succeeds, I can view what I want listen to what I want and nobody is making a profile of this information or using it for monetary gain. All the propaganda dies that I’m fed everyday from the monopolised world we live in. I believe the World lacks a bit of common sense these days and hopefully safe will be able to restore some of this.


It is true that it won’t be possible to censor the Ku Klux Klan, ISIS or some pedophile ring on the SAFE network. And I’m sure the Flat Earth society and the Moral Majority people feel censored by the mainstream media as well as by the scientific community, but I don’t think marketing to those groups specifically makes much sense. Someone might get “offended”, for lack of a better word.

Contrary to you, i do like Paul Watson, Breitbart, Infowars etc, but somehow when i “Google” something, I am surely not getting news related to my profile, but left-biased search results. So your assumption that Google builds up profiles and only gives you what you want to see, is incorrect.

I think you have missed out on a lot of news on how big tech is censoring conservatives, while the left is being left untouched.

Check out this video and check yourself if the claims are correct. It should open your eyes to what really is going on:

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Check out the app call control on android. That spam filter seems to function a bit like intelligent unsponsored open search might. Search when it isnt based on a conflict of interest is a noise filter. It tunes into the probalistic signal you are seeking.

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I am fairly right of centre on many topics, not all but this is not a political post.

You are correct and we all know it Google feeds us what it wants. I am not into sports really and all Google feeds me is sports news, I’m also a fan of Donald Trump and yet the only news I get is critical of him, its crazy. And the right is the same, the issue is there aren’t many large right wing tech firms that dominate.

So hence my point in all of this…it’s not about politics, it’s about capitalizing.

Could you imagine someone the likes of Alex Jones telling his millions of viewers and listeners “We are now on the SAFE network, find us at …” Just imagine…

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I agree with all you say, but do think that staying below the radar is the best option for now.

I dont think the censoring problems will be over anytime soon but that it will get worse everywhere, especially in Europe.

1-2 years from now when we launch, the Safenetwork will likely be even more relevant than it is today.

That would be a great moment to use channels like Alex Jones to help us promote the Safenetwork!


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I do have a problem with Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter censoring people. There is an idea of a “common carrier”, where a company becomes so ubiquitous, that they essentially become a public space. These massive tech giants have now become the defacto portal to the world. Them censoring people effectively silences the victims of censorship.

Take Google. They have now crossed the line into actively supporting government censorship in China. Do you really want a company like that having the ability to silence whomever they want? A company that has now proven they will accommodate destroying human rights for money? I don’t care if you are right/left/center/apathetic, this should scare you.

A company whose employees actively protested and petitioned to stop working with the US Department of Defense (and succeeded), and yet where is the outrage for the Chinese search engine? Sure, there were a few big names that have contested Google from within, or even resigned, but the employees at large haven’t seemed to care all that much. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE CONTROLLING THE ALGORITHMS THAT SHAPE YOUR WORLDVIEW. Say what you will of the US military, I’d certainly rather be supporting them then the Chinese government, yet it appears the employees at Google disagree.

So again, I say, no, they should not be allowed to censor. Three companies control 90% of the news distribution and advertising on the Internet. They are essentially the new world government.


I created this post a while back:

When I’m on social media - youtube, bitchute,, etc. I post my own relevant blurb on the Safe Network – the fact is that SafeNet is relevant to so many people for multiples of reasons – hence it isn’t difficult to find posts where I can leave a blurb. I think if more people do this we will build up a small but strong grassroots network that will be ready to help push SafeNet out the door when beta comes.

Of course I also do my weekly show where I cover the weekly update by Maidsafe … as thing progress I hope to do some ‘specials’ as well, including interviews and run-throughs.

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LOL their marketing is terrible and they rejected my proposal to be their marketing strategist for free… enough said.

?? If you are willing to do it for free … then why not just contribute your ideas to the team in any case?

I’m probably missing something.

Nobody asked me to help … and, to be honest, given how crappy my show is, I’m surprised none have asked me to stop yet! lol … but I think I’m getting better … slowly.


Yep i did that. Contributed all my ideas. they have then refused to work with me. I’ll make a post about it soon.

Ok seriously, if you also realise you’re doing a crap show, then please tone it up or stop and use the time to do something more useful. Because do you honestly think it is worth the effort to make a show that no one watches? I mean, idk man. I’ll leave you to decide. For me, when i watch your show I don’t seem to get any valuable information except seeing/hearing you open on your browser and talk about what i can see by going to the website myself… I don’t see the value in such shows, if you see the value and want to keep using your time doing it, it’s your choice i guess.

Ya don’t get better by doin’ nothing … and it has gotten better. I am open to suggestions. Be specific.


So much bitterness LMAO.

You go like “I know it better” and “you should do it my way” and then they say nah and then you throw a tantrum. But please correct me if I got it wrong.

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No, not quite and not enough said. You did not offer any service to us for free, you asked point blank for a job. An unusual method of starting an application letter with a defamatory slur on the company had prompted us to think it best you were not the well suited for a very important role in marketing for us as a company.

I suspect that unusual approach is not great personal marketing. I have seen very little of that skill actually and I have not seen any proposal from you at all, barring slandering others and shouting about how great you are. It is not the smart actions that I would expect somebody in that role could fulfil. Look at who we have in that team, decent, honest, hard working and very insightful people. If you showed any of those traits then maybe things would be different.

BTW If you want to do something for free, then you do not need a company to give you a job, especially not maidsafe. Our goal is promoting the SAFE network and you can do that for free at any time you wish, but you will have to produce something of merit sometime. So I cannot see how anyone could stop you there, that is if you really mean what you say.


Follow your heart and your gut, dude. As long as it feels right, stick with it. When it stops feeling right, pivot.


Very confident I have said I’ll do it for free. If not I’ll say it again. I’ll do it for free! But if I do things like rebranding etc I can’t exactly just do it without the team being with me in this. Also I thought it’ll be nice to have marketing expenses paid by the team and not me personally as I’m already not taking a salary. Those are the exact reasons and only reasons why I wanted to join.

You have never given me a chance to see what I’m like. You just assumed what I’m like from what I said. You never even wanted an interview in person when though I’ve offered to. I’m a fan of saying things how it is. So if I said the results marketing is shit and I want to help improve it that’s just how I talk. If you can’t admit your problems how are you going to improve. I never said I’m great and all and have just said listen, let me try to help out, if you don’t like my results I’m happy to leave anytime.

Sorry to bring reality into this.



We really prefer our marketing team to work in sentences, otherwise, the message is sh^t

It’s you’re party :wink:


Are you a marketer and done marketing in the past? If you’re a developer please let the marketers decide how to market. Also you are again assuming how I’m going to be like without even giving me a chance? Cause that’s exactly what you did over and over again.

Sorry, this isn’t helpful at all.

Dude @TylerAbeoJordan CREATE Value! Original content! Content people can’t find anywhere else but your videos and from you! It has to be your own orginal ideas with reasons and evidence to back it up. Eg. "Bitcoin price drops seems to coincide with the news releases of ETF rejections and trading volume is increasing, this doesn’t show that we are losing interest in the crypto space but show heavy manipulation and big funds shorting in futures. Also as an OTC trader who handles OTC deals I can definitely see the institutional interest is growing big time. This hence shows that the price drop is likely temporary and part of the market cycle, the amazing technology isn’t going away " then maybe talk about the current fiat monetary system and how people in Turkey and Venezuela are fleeing to crypto because of currency crisis. Bring news articles to back it up.

Cut out the stuff that any layman can find by going to We really don’t need a reporter.