SAFE is doing itself a massive disservice by not capitalizing on

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In my opinion Maidsafe & SAFE Network supporters are doing ourselves a disservice by not capitalizing on the current news and media on the topics of conservative and right wing media censorship.

We are all aware about Twitter, Apple, YouTube, Google and many many more delisting, shadow-banning, blocking and deleting the likes of Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Prager University, #Walkaway creator Brandon Straka, Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, Chick’s on the Right, PewDiePie, Jerome Corsi, Mike Cernovich, Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon, Paul J Watson, on and on the list goes. We are all abundantly aware.

So then, why no press, no media, no marketing, and no discussion on these topics? I know there has been a couple topics posted but it is really a drop in the ocean.

I know why: The feel I get from this community is that it is a fairly left of center leaning community. And from a company perspective I can understand and would even support Maidsafe not rolling out the press releases on these matters because it could alienate the company, it’s risky.

But that does not mean there are not other solutions and certainly does not mean the community at large should not be discussing these topics internally and also with other communities on the web and saying “hey, I know you feel strongly about X, did you know this is a lot harder to do, silencing people, on SAFE network?”

In fact we should be doing EXACTLY this, we should be discussing, posting, chatting and opening this technology up to EVERYONE but especially we should be smarter and more strategic, we should capitalize on such topics. Every new person introduced to Maidsafe and the SAFE network is one person more than we had earlier, and THAT is what builds the network. It us users, real living flesh and blood biological NODES, that is the life blood of our network and that is what will determine our success or failure. Regardless of politics.

I will shortly post in r/The_Donald on reddit as a test, I have posted there may times before and I have once posted there about Maidsafe, it will be a good test to see if my theory works. I will link to some SAFE content. It would be good but not necessary if someone that monitors traffic from Maidsafe can let us know if there is a spike in traffic from Reddit.

Please discuss.
Thank you


I agree SAFENetwork or some variant is becoming more and more needed with recent obvious censorship, real problem I see is that MOST people really do not care(I have noticed older folk are super apathetic to it generally, with the “I have nothing to hide” mentality). And that is what scares me the most. But I also believe we can’t promote until we have a product so for now I wait, will help evangelize and promote when Maid itself proves what it can do with the initial full release :slight_smile: .


I agree, however in contrast younger people are actually becoming more aware, more conscious and more concerned with these topics. I have been watching certain forums and groups grow and in particular there is news you can read with regard to the stunning amounts of young people deleting their Facebook accounts as one example.

I disagree with you on the promotion topic (maybe in part because I have money on the table). It is standard and well known in marketing campaigns that you need to start and run your campaigns prior to launch. But I do see your point. SAFE network is unlike a movie, a book or a new physical product. It is being built and developed, which means when we tell others we are also perhaps introducing core developers as well as network app developers, investors, crypto holders and traders and of course general interest parties such as you and I, are you not interested in MAID prior to it launching? Someone made an effort to get you here :slight_smile:

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I actually just researched a lot of crypto companies that I thought had real value and were not just imaginary vaporware. And I landed on MaidSafe as a key contender and have stuck with it ever since, found the forum on my own and follow their linkedin/fb posts of my own accord to as well as the sub reddit . Which I think is fine until a product is ready, those who truly are interested in crypto and decentralized web will find this project right now as there is enough ads and posts out there to get it on the map. And well after launch its a whole different ball game, then we have hard features and demo’s to show folks of end 2 end behavior and functionality. I too have money on the table(Nothing major yet, maybe $6k USD), I buy up MaidSafe coin every few weeks like clock work with spare change just to show my support and build my stash, I hope it goes up in value enough to where I can retire early and use the network for storage and interesting apps I can build.

I fully agree that the younger generations are taking more care and notice on the issue, and for that I am glad as I think it will get dramatically worse over the next 3-10 years. We already have people installing smart speakers(alexa/google home) all over their house and getting listened on daily.


Sure, but when you researched - you read blogs, articles, watched videos. Someone made those.

That’s a blanket statement and not true in all cases.

I have introduced SAFE to people in my offline circles who have been interested in technology, crypto, and similar things that had not heard of it before. One of those people is honestly considering investing in the currency and I know for a fact I have introduced others on the web with my efforts, others who are here right now on this very forum BTW.

Never underestimate that your efforts will go wasted or that this technology will find people when the time is right or that I will help promote it at launch, this is the wrong mentality for various reasons.

We don’t have the funds to throw millions of dollars behind a launch, we are a grass roots program that needs to do what it can when we can and as often as we can because its a competition for attention and dollars RIGHT NOW. We aren’t the only ones in this space, so taking your example of the person interested in this type of technology or crypto’s in general, we are competing with other projects for that persons attention and hopefully and ideally some of his money. If we lose that person yesterday, today or tomorrow we potentially lose them forever because they focus on something else and invest their time and money on that other project as opposed to our project and if that happens, who even knows if we will get an opportunity to launch and if we launch to even capture anyone’s attention at the launch. Who is to say a competitors project doesn’t take the majority of the interested market tomorrow and run with it leaving us crumbs?

We have to do what we can do now.

And besides the launch party will be a lot more fun with more people :slight_smile:

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Check out EUs article 11 and 13 and the censor filter they want to install on all uploads.


I would be all about yelling SAFE from the rooftops if we had an idea of when the launch would be.

Unfortunately, we have already lost a lot of people because launch promises were made a long time ago and people got impatient. The crypto scene has been an exciting place with lots going on, things moving fast and waiting for SAFE has been difficult.

I am aware of high-end privacy concious engineers that knew of the project and it excited them, but for some it is just taking too long, the World moves quickly, they lost hope.

Imo, it could be the same mistake to start advertising to “general interest parties”, the network may not be launched for another 2 years perhaps? And most general interest parties arent that patient. Those that we lose generally will not come back.

Who knows what the World will look like in 2021.

I too have been impatient but it seems, as things generally seem to be in life, just as SAFE is preparing itself for the World, the World itself is preparing for SAFE.

My 2 MAID.


I was going to add that once we see Maidsafe “yelling from the rooftops” we would know launch is around the corner. But, I would assume we would be notified beforehand so community members could participate. But, then I saw that @JimCollinson said in the Fundamentals thread

and I got excited, but then I realised every day is, I hope, a move toward launch, so I relaxed again :blush:


Personally, I will not shed a single tear if I never get to hear Alex Jones ever again. Also, it’s not like Facebook or YouTube doesn’t have the right to tell what is okay and what isn’t on their platform.

Nevertheless, I get your point. However, I want to approach it differently. Information on the Safe Network will be unstoppable but I still wouldn’t want to run into Alex Jones et al. once every few minutes.

So, I would instead like to capitalize on the angle (well, the possibility) that I should be able to block out of my sight anything I don’t want to see. I want to be able to shut myself into the echo chamber of my own choosing. I want simple yet efficient ways to filter content that my apps will pick up. I don’t want to drawn in the noise.


It will only do 2 things:

  • pump the price of maid
  • flood the forum with people asking when it will be ready

I stronly prefer MS to keep underground and rub it in their stupid faces when it’s ready. TADA, now GFY with your censorship.


The political debate focuses around the left vs right. However, they ignore the other two dimensions of the political compass. They are largely all authoritarian and love the power to dictate what you can and cannot do.

Imo, those who value libertarianism over authoritarianism are generally left out in the cold by both politicians and the media. I believe people are mistaken if they think they can lobby those who like centralised power to support decentralised technologies; it is fundamentally at odds with the structures that put them there.

Give individualists the tools to keep themselves to themselves and to share with whom they choose to associate with. Then they will use them and tell others about them.


I am not sure that is neccesarily true.

I always remember that these labels of “left” and “right” are mainly just tools to create division and discord amongst humanity.

Just as the only race is the “human race”.

I do believe it is someone on this forum that showed this argument in another thread.

And their rebuttal was that, yes FB and YT can do as they wish on their private platform, as long as they are open and honest with their users.

I like that rebuttal :grinning:.

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That’s not a big thing, coming from America. The American left would be somewhere in the center at most of Europe and we’re hovering somewhere between unbelieving and terrified about the American right.

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I agree and believe this is what the reality is.

The left in America has gone far more left than what you’ve seen in the EU. Facist style speech censoring. So i do believe Goingdeep has a very valid point, that the momentum is now, at the same time, do you want the attention?

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Let’s not mix up business and politics. A company refusing to doing business with you is not censorship – “my place, my rules” is hardly a far left ideology. Anybody can chant the filthiest fascist crap in America in public and the government can’t do anything about it. Try the same in Europe.

While I personally confirm your hunch about the community being left of center(I’m a communalist) I do think censorship is a problem. But I would much rather focus on all the left wing publications that are being shadowbanned. Besides this, I agree.

I think this is what is powerful about SAFENetwork - it provides a public space for exchanging data. As has been pointed out above, YouTube, Facebook, etc, are all private and can and will censor, often at the request of the state. We need to forge a genuinely public space on the internet.


I tried to point out two things in my original response in this thread. Firstly, this “genuinely public space” is going to happen because of how the Safe Network is designed and there’s nothing anybody can do against it. Secondly, without some way to tame it, that goes too far to be any useful for any practical purposes.

You see, I can’t stand Alex Jones and the likes of him, and I want some way to avoid him spamming my feed. At the same time, please give me my favorite echo chambers. All of this without any obvious effort, just like how Facebook and Google serves me.

I’m talking about the average user who cares little about censorship but cares a lot about being entertained just the right way. “Nobody can silence Alex Jones on the Safe Network” is simply not the kind of message that will capture much attention.

The picture i see is more complex and goes more profound. Discussing it is too time consuming and i don’t want to go down that road.

Anyway you have stated the problem very well with your phrase “Just like how Facebook and Google serve me”.

They do control 90% of all you do on the internet and really their (proven) bias doesn’t serve me.