SAFE is a Viral Network VN

It takes the captured internet off line installing a new host: The People All while errecting a free net that will stand on its own. From the point of view of the capture crowd it might as well be a Xenomorph.

Affraid virus is the best analogical building block you’re got for instant understanding

Tough, small, low level, mutable, micro hitting macro, invisible, efficient, effective- fast- corrective, intelligent, able to produce wide spread change, contra status quo, self adapting some times a parasite killer. A reset button sometimes resulting in the extinction local or otherwise of the host forms or their refinement.

The irony of a network designed to preserve military command and control under extremes then being used to lock people in with enclosure (a prison) now locking the perps out to reverse their lock in. There own little prison has become un responsive to them, their keys have been scrambled. No more ability to steal attention at will and sponsor society into worthlessness. Its neutrality 2.0

We may not like the idea that viruses communucate but they do. They are a solution in this case which disolves blocks to the communication of the better current approximations of truth. An accelerant when we need to accelerate through BS. A metabolism that undercuts and disolves spin. They are through put on understanding.

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