SAFE is a Commons

My thing is making sure money can’t be used to control people, making sure it can’t be used corrosively, I am not talking about tort or tax. I want the uses of money to be completely voluntary, I don’t mind stoking want as much but never need. This a deescalation of the power capital. If stuff is done it should be because people want to do it, if not then it doesn’t get done. With SAFE I don’t see customers or owners. I see an ever spreading distributed automated commons. This makes me wonder if the GPL3 and FOSS should spread to everything it and SAFEcoin touches.

Let me put this another way to see if it can be made more compelling. Lets say there is a sudden realization among the disenfranchised that they can’t simply whine about corporate rights or money as speech that they have to get serious and start to understand corporations as monarchies. That is they are purely extractive, and they lead to the total concentration of economic, political and social power. In the work place they are hierarchical totalitarian. They lead to the creation of nobility and rule by inherited wealth. But you can’t just say Walmart we’ve passed a rule that you can’t operate in our town. And you can’t just not vote for a TPP or its sisters. You might say we’ll only allow flat automated cooperatives to do business in our town or reside in it and try to spread that model. But you could do better. You could create a digital commons dimension into which you move your social, political and economic power that through bits and the GPL3 seamlessly and invisibly locks out the corporate and monarchical forms. Corporations run on lock-out/enclosure/anti-powersharing/secrecy (anti commons) or unnecessary exclusive use and control- whereas this is a corporate lockout or a anti-lock out system, its the seem-less hard wiring of neutrality as with the original Internet but much more concrete. SAFE came about because corporations started trying to screw with this.

Let SAFE be an inter-commons, every extension of it will hold the commons format, everything that touches it should hold that format. @dyamanaka the “yours” is an example or could be one, it goes beyond the nonsense of customer and owner to a commons that rewards people for constructive behavior. So SAFE is FOSS beyond paper licenses, these are automated FOSS universe(s.) “SAFEverse” was that you’rs @smacz, or commonverse or commonsverse or even inter-commons-verse because there will be forks (parallel SAFE universes) and there will be bridges at least human bridges but they will all have the same human safe commons DNA. SAFE will be “the commons,” it will be the common wealth but without undermining compromises based on lies like “the tragedy of the commons.”


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