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Thank you @Nigel for your help with the info text for the SafeCoin graphic! I’ve added the last line about safecoin utility. I’ll let you all bring your input on this for some days. I’ll then remove the watermarks and release the final design!


Happy to help! Thank you for the opportunity. If anyone see’s something wrong with what I wrote up or would like to edit it just share in the comments like I did on Daniel’s Canva page or here, collaboration is fun and rewarding!


@Arcturus your infographic has made 4,879 impressions and growing on Twitter and 77 total engagements! Edit: 8,000 impressions. Your infographic may go viral!

I’ve never seen a tweet grow like this personally. Retweet this sucker guys and gals!!! Funny enough it may partially be because it was retweeted by a chutney and jams account, lol. Not sure why or if their audience will give two rips but hey.


Awesome! Posting versions without the watermarks:


Had to post to agree with that! Love it! :sunglasses:


That infographic post now has 142,530 impressions on Twitter with 194 interactions! I’m assuming the interactions are what really count but I think it’s pretty cool that one little tweet can be seen by so many in such a short amount of time. Even better is it was community effort that did it and it will hopefully bring even just a little more awareness of Safecoin and the SAFE Network.


There are a lot of people asking about the differences between maidsafe (safe network), sia, storj, substratum and so forth. So I’m creating a comparison chart between the technologies to quickly clarify those differences. I think it would be very beneficial to easily be able to show a chart like that when asked the question.

Below is my first chart where I’ve written the points that first came to mind. I do not know the accuracy of the statements so I would need help from you who know the other technologies and the differences between them to verify or change the statements. I’d also like some help to fill the chart with points that would be interesting to compare with. And of course, general thoughts of for example the design or how things are presented are always welcome!



I think p2p serving of dynamic websites is another SAFE only feature, although I don’t have deep understanding of the other projects.

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Maybe add,

•Set and forget? Or Plug and Play?
•Publish Content
•Fine Grained Permisissions?

Just throwing spaghetti at the wall here to see what might stick. I’ll add some more as they pop in my head.

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Perhaps add something about scalability?

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Thanks! I’ve now added some of your points. Let me know if you think one should be changed for another.

I’m now of for a walk in the woods (and deep snow). Then I’ll do some research to see if I can clarify some of the questions myself. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this field though, so I might not understand all of what I’m reading or know how to find the information in the first place. But I’ll try :sweat_smile:


I’m sure Storj and Sia (not so familiar with Substratum) would argue that they secure data, as they are both end-to-end encrypted services.


I think they’d also argue they are “serverless”, meaning decentralised. This Reddit piece suggests that Sia does not have a single point of failure (although Storj arguably does).
Edit: reading that thread people are arguing that Storj is pretty centralised.


I think I’ll remove “Serverless” and “Secures your data” and add something else.

I’m not sure what Fine Grained Permisissions mean. I’ve tried to find out but I didn’t understand it. Is it possible to describe another way?

Think outside the blocks :slightly_smiling_face:


Like it! “No Chain, No Pain” just popped into my head.


Awesome! I’ll meditate on that see if I can come up with something good!


SAFE; Off the chain


The fact that we control what permissions we allow or revoke. Like access to certain containers an app can do on our behalf. There is talk of even finer grain permission (similar to mobile operating systems) in the not too distant future as well. Might not be very clear to others so might be best if omitted.

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Just love it! Best info graphic ever!

Ps: this as t Shirt would be great xD