SAFE infographics


I’ve now opened a spreadshirt shop where you can buy shirts and other merchandise with my designs. I’ve only relesed the “Off the chain” design yet, but more is to come! I changed the design to not include any stock images so that I have the right to sell it. This means that Dogey Chainless has been changed to a dog drawn by myself. Hope you like him as much as the original! The money I get from selling these will go to the creation of new designs for this community.

Unfortunately it’s only possible to order a shirt within Europe through my shop Edit: (It’s possible to order oustide of Europe but the orders will be placed in Euros and the products will be shipped from Germany which means that you may have to pay for import taxes and customs)

But if you live in the US or Australia and would like to open your own spreadshirt shop to sell my designs to your area, you are welcome to do so. Contact me if you’d like to do that.

Thanks @sam1 for your contribution that inspired the design! Send me your size and address if you’d like a free “off the chain” shirt :smiley:

Here’s the new one:


That’s great Man. Hope the shop does well. :grin:


New design available on spreadshirt


Perhaps there could be a theme about being unblocked, in the same way as unchained reflects the lack of blockchain.l?

Don’t get blocked in, etc


Thanks mate! i will pm you with my adres


What do you guys think of this? Want more of them?
Perhaps on the t-shirts as well? :slightly_smiling_face:

Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign

uuuuh - actually i think a link to an introduction youtube video about safe would be even cooler (people are lazy…)

my phone did have problems identifying the qr code (i had to move around a little bit to make it blury xD ) but it’s amazing work! you are brilliant my friend :slight_smile:


Thanks! My phone detects it really quickly actually. Different camera quality I guess :slight_smile:


This is really cool!! I really like it, and guess where I would like to use it? :grin:
I’ll have to check how to generate it with qr-gen libs out there though.


Are you creating a QR-generator on the SAFE Network? :smile: It would be cool to have a generator that was free to use and that generated nice looking QR-codes in SVG-format. The generators I’ve found only exports to low res PNG unless you pay some yearly subscrition, and so I’ve made these QR-codes by hand to get SVG files.

Here’s a verision btw:


I was talking about a generator lib for apps but with your design, e.g. this lib is for JS to generate traditional ones programatically:

EDIT: I took a quick look at that project and I think we can easily adapt it to generate QR’s with other designs like yours, if I have the chance I’ll give it a try over the weekend.


wohoooow! S(AFE)QR - the new standard for qr codes on safe!

i love the design and i would love to see those used pretty often :slight_smile: would be a brand recognition thing too i guess :open_mouth:


I’ve used this site to generate the QR-codes with the “Connection Look”. I’ve then converted the PNG to SVG (by hand) and added some connection lines. So I wouldn’t call it my design. But it’s possible to build on the design to make it more original and “inspired” by the Safe Nework Logo. I’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile:


Seriously your creativity is awe inspiring. These QR codes are so unique, what a fantastic idea.


oookay - normally i don’t post pics of me anywhere - but your shirt deserves it :smiley:
(but i quickly grew a beard and long hair to hide my regular style :innocent: )


Awesome! It looks great. I just hope the image is mirrored and not the shirt graphic :joy:


sure :smiley: stupid front camera-automatic-settings xD …


Thanks a lot btw! There’s more to come :smiley:

Any links you’d like me to create QR-codes for? I’m doing links to the safenetwork videos, social media pages and the primer.


These scanned almost instantly on my S8.

Great job, man…seriously impressed!


QR codes that go to the newest Peruse browser would be cool!


And maybe a certain music site? :wink::wink: safe://jams.demo

Safe-wiki: (although you do have to set up)