SAFE infographics

I’ve decided to create infographics about SAFE that are going to be easy to share and add to articles etc. I’m creating this thread to have a place to share ideas for infographics and for everyone to post their own designs. I’d also like to get help with the information about SAFE for my designs. To describe the SAFE Network and its functions is not my strong suit.

Here’s my first one about safecoin:

Please let me know what you think should be changed in the design and what the information text should be.

And if you’ve got ideas for other infographics, post them here! :slightly_smiling_face:

To find my finished designs go to my dropbox folder



That’s a really nice design, and a great idea to create a topic for these. @goindeep made a good infographic not long ago by the way:


I’d really like to see a professional illustrator make a drawing around the theme of ‘Building the impossible network’ ants, safecoins, datachains, ethnicity, cooperation, AI, etc etc …a really detailed drawing that you have to zoom into for all the detail.


@Arcturus I really dig the colors! Great stuff, will be sharing when it has text fields filled in and hope to see more!

I might be able to come up with something text wise in the next few days but I think this would be a breeze for @polpolrene and @JPL! Heck, the safecoin promo video should be out soon perhaps we could take some excerpts from that?


I’ll have a think. Maybe we should get the word ‘utility’ in there somewhere, given the SEC crackdown?


Thanks! I’ve used the brand colors and fonts found here.

Next one up will be a similar design about the SAFE Network. After that I’ll try to create one comparing farming to mining :tractor:

Do you think that could be mentioned in the “SAFE Network”-section?

You can change the titles if you’d like. Just try to find an alternative that’s easy to illustrate with a simple graphic.

I’m looking forward to see what all of you come up with. I really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:


“Building the Impossible Network” or “Making the Impossible Network Possible”

From the article: The Impossible Network


Thanks for the link! I’ve not read it.

Very nice. It reminds me of more innocent times I’ve seen on television and movies from the 1940s and 50s. And trust is one of those things that we absolutely want people to feel correct? Congratulations!

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This looks great - can you share the design files so others can play with it? No worries if not, but I’m sure it’ll help others throw their ideas into the threa :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you all like it!

Yes, try the links below. You should be able to edit the designs that way (I have not tried). You’ll just have to create an account on canva if you don’t already have one. :slightly_smiling_face:

The second link goes to the design about the SAFE Network:


Thanks I rushed it if I’m honest and I think there may even be a typo or grammatical error.

But certainly feel free to use it or edit it if you want @Arcturus I can even share the file from canva if you need.


I can’t seem to edit the info graphics on the canvas mobile app with those links (they do open but not editable). Trying to figure it out on my end. Let me know if you figure anything out first though.

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Yea, I’ve tried it myself now and it doesn’t work. The only way I’ve made it work is to invite my test account to my team. So, everyone who wants to edit please send me your email address that you’ve registered on Canva and I’ll send you an invite. Unfortunately it will add a monthly cost (for me) per team member so I’ll have to remove you from my team when we’re done with the infographics.

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New infographic comparing Safecoin farming to Bitcoin mining. I’ve used a lot of the text by @goindeep. Thanks a lot for letting me use it! I’ve changed some of the text and I think the “Utility” text needs to be changed to something which describes the function of the coins a bit better. I’d also like to find a better title instead of “Proof” in the first section.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions!

Edit: A little extra:


Holy cow! Think outside the blocks… that is brilliant!!!


You’re not wrong…


100% aggree - very catchy phrase!


That’s pretty sweet…