Safe in bitcoin magazine


Article is a bit wrong

Alternatively, a DApp can be built as an extension to the program. For example the SAFE Network, a peer-to-peer storage network, uses the Omni Protocol to issue “safecoins,” which operate the network. With the SAFE Network, decentralized applications are ensured complete data security, and there are projects such as SAFEpress, similar to WordPress, for the SAFE Network, to help people develop on the Network.

the Omni Protocol is used to issue “Maidsafecoins”, which is a temporarily proxy of SAFEcoin. SAFEcoins will be exchanged 1;1 with Maidsafecoins, when the SAFE Network goes live and SAFEcoin is activated.


SAFE is such a different paradigm it’s hard to conceive of even from the blockchain orientation, much less the existing system.

Watching and participating in disruption of the big disruptor should be really interesting.


Here is a link to an interview of David Johnston (the focus of the Bitcoin Magazine article) by The Crypto Show.

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