Safe-hosted open exchange protocol/format

Let’s solve MAID/Safe token buying and trading with Safe itself, and in a way that advances the open technology of Safe and its developer ecosystem. Brainstorm designs, share relevant links, and identify what Safe features are essential.

This effort will also likely contribute to Safe’s eventual computational functionality.

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There’s a design progression with manual and trust-requiring on one side and automated and trustless on the other.

A manual and trust-requiring design would be as simple as a Safe site with shared data serving as an offer feed. Using a manual trust system after successful transactions, a rudimentary reputation system could function similarly to #bitcoin-otc for any familiar with it.

An automated and trustless design would probably require ‘smart contracts’ so exchange terms could be programmatically enforced. Double-spend/oracle/settlement would need to be addressed.


  • Be open so different competing projects have a vested interest in contributing and advancing the collective good.
  • Be standard so buy/sell offers are portable and can be aggregated into larger liquidity pools.
  • Require minimal Safe features that can be implemented generically.