SAFE HELP Desk proposal

What is the idea behind this proposal?

Everyone knows, since the begining of Crypto and the world of internet that Scams exist. It really is Red Queen dilemma but I’m for prevention and believe in its favor.

So the idea behind SAFE HELP Desk is to take precautions against scammers right now to reduce the number of people plundered in the future.

How do scammers work?

Making a fake profile. They copy an admin photo. They change one or two letters from the admin’s name. And they impersonate for him.

Then they are waiting for new members of the community and trying to deceive them.



What can we do?

We can create a driven by the community SAFE HELP Desk to help everyone and declare that only legitimate help can be found there.

This message can be added to any official message from MaidSafe and to all pinned message in the forum (and other communication channels like sites, telegram, medium and so on)

Proof of the concept

We know that not everyone will register in the forum to get help. So we need different channels of help leading to the SAFE HELP Desk.

For example a SAFE HELP phone line :wink:

00441292700696 UK Ayr
0012027135981 US Washington

What will you hear when you call?

"Never send money to anyone. All services of SAFE HELP Desk are free!"

And then you can speak to a volunteer from the community (in this proof of concept I will pick up the phone, please excuse me for my spoken English :wink: )

Please discuss

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While I like the idea and it would work in theory, I think the practicality is the issue.

Theory: people see something fishy so they call and ask before they do it.

Likely reality: “I just got scammed can you help me?!?!” At which point there isn’t anything we can do.

Scenario 2 IMO would be 98% of the calls.


it shouldnt be a phone line, it should be a website or a sub-forum in this forum where anyone can make a post but only admins and moderators can answer


Yeah, a phone line is making a rod for your own back. Nice idea though.


I hope it is clear that the phone lines are just one part of the single help system which I suggest.

There are many channels of information that a new person can use.

For example, he may ask something here in the forum or in Telegram.

If we do not have a clear way to send hit to get help there will be scamed people.

For the forum we can put for a title of each newly registered " Never send money to anyone. All services of SAFE HELP Desk are free!"

Specifically, the phone lines can always be made IVR only…

I want here to discuss a plan to combat fraudsters. To be ready before they come.

For a network that doesn’t have the capacity to reset passwords - the few calls, I hope, about recovering accounts would be very painful.

Do need to drum in to users that the network is so secure, only the user will have the power to access the account. … But I have dealt with users - they will bitch, moan and beat you down with weird assumptions.


Sometimes even the user won’t be able to. I think we need a best practices doc for account/password backup. Proof of unique human?

P.s. I think the best place for the help desk in the short term is on irc/freenode, or telegram.



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No the users will be noobs with respect to those. Just a simple web page with a submission form and/or “live chat” box that any browser can display. No signing up to other chat services or IRC


Yeah, that’s better. However, you don’t need to sign up for freenode though… Just simple web access.


Example it the SAFE Browser:


I made a suggestion about fraud prevention

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Bit of thread hi-jack, sorry…

Is there ever any action on the Telegram channel?
Or am I subscribed to the wrong one?

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This is the main Telegram group for SAFE


A premium line may make enough to cover its costs, And sometimes folk just want to talk to a human. Even if that human is only telling them in simple terms what they can read on a support forum/page.

Never underestimate the value of a human voice when someone is “lost”.

Even though I bet 90% of calls would be answered with " Look I’m really sorry but if you have lost your password, there is nothing we can do"
“Now you did write it down, didn’t you? Where were you when you wrote it down? …”

I have had to deal with many poor sods who have lost their 12-word passphrases for other crypto projects. In most cases, its gone but there are a few that can be helped and they are truly grateful. Its very satisfying when you can help and make a difference to someones day,


Thank you - I’m in :slight_smile:


Scammer in Facebook shares my Cover Photo:


Can you report it as infringement and/or scam

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yes, I did it right away but the problem is what we do when there are 1000 people who follow the facebook page of SAFE Network and all of them get this message? And if they are 10k, 100k, 1 million? What percentage of them will be scamed?

How many people will we let to be deceived before we take action (let’s start putting warnings in each message now)?

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I am not sure of the economics of having this be purely volunteer driven. I do see your point that it is satisfying to help people avoid being scammed. But really how many of those calls can one take before it becomes tedious and boring to say the same thing over and over. I mean at some point the discomfort of doing the job may outweigh the satisfaction of helping for a lot of people.

Customer support phone answering people don’t make tons of money but they do expect something in return, so the question is how could we fund at least paying minimum wage(yes I know that varies depending on where you live but lets just say a minimal wage then.) I would contend it really benefits the whole community to have less people being scammed, so it does not seem totally illogical some small percentage of farming rewards could be directed to this cause. Another option would have it be donation driven. If you are a big whale then maybe its worth a small fraction of your holdings to do things that help adoption, like fighting scammers. A 3rd option is it is a pay per use service, but if they are calling cause they just LOST all their safecoin, they might not want to throw around any more money.

I think this would be a great service to have available, but I also think it would totally be work. Maybe there are some other ideas out there on how they could receive compensation for their work. Maybe there are other ways to reward volunteers besides money even. In my experience of volunteering it never became unbearable if there were hot girls there to. Animal shelter is rly good for this FYI. Not sure that plan fits in here, but just want to point out the reward does not have to be money.