SAFE hardcopy handouts (brochers, flyers, posters, etc)

Okay what with the approach of launch and with the desire to market the SAFE network to the masses I’ve been thinking we should start creating printable hard copy materials to get the word out. Not everyone uses the net, or uses the net a lot. So in a lot of ways it might just be easier to hand someone a piece of paper rather than marketing on social media. Moreover one of the advantages of SAFE is it’s decentralized and can form mesh networks whereas the internet 1.0 can’t. This could be of great importance to those with poor, intermitant, or even non existent internet access. They could set up a local SAFE network and then slowly grow it back to civilization while at the same time using it for their own uses. Also SAFE can be accessed from public access points. Again an important piece of information and impacts many people who may or may not have their own computers, or access to them at the time. SAFE also acts as revenue stream and as permanant data storage. SAFE has all kinds of impacts on society. So yes getting the word out to as many people as possible is very important.

However it’s also important to get accurate information out there. And it’s not enough to just give hyperlinks to information. Such written or graphic materials must, if at all possible, summerize accurate information about the SAFE network. It won’t do any good to misinform people. Links are good but there’s nothing more annoying that having hard copy of any sort that’s riddled with links when you have no access to the internet. Best to have one or two links on the materials that links to a site with lots and lots of other reference material and information links. Then if they have internet they can use it and if they don’t you aren’t wasting space on excessive links they can’t use. Or have a panphlet that is specifically designed as a reference for further internet use.

I’m willing to help create these publications. Whether they go out now or later or whenever is up in the air. We might create a series of them. I mean we have a bunch of information available now that could be converted but when apps start being developed and the network goes live things will start getting really interesting. But what I need are graphics and information sources. I need relevant and accurate information to put on the handouts and graphics as well to help illastrate them. Also someone to review them when they’re written up and make sure the information is clear and accurate. Anyone that wants to help feel free to join in.


I thought that flyers was the way to go to spread the word about the SAFE Network when it arrives. But paper is almost like toilet paper to people, some don’t read that stuff they just throw it away after a hand out (the message might even be flushed out of their memory, the moment it’s handout).

While information distribution through a USB stick might have another impact. Yeah I know usb sticks are a romantic way to attack computers, introduce maleware and…

But if you give someone a usb, they might stick it in their computer. What if you had the SAFE Network already on the stick and they just have to click to access it. It’s might seem an expensive joke to hand out usb sticks, but SAFE Network app creators could also pay a small fee for their app to be included on the usb stick, bringing down costs.

We could include “How to get started with the SAFE Network vids” and vids like this:

SAFE pods would be a good place to start

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Crowdfunded SAFE network usb sticks I like it. The problem is the variable cost of usb sticks at various retailers. Also the software needs to be developed and be functional first. But yes it’s similar to how some game or music companies used to send out demo discs. But how exactly would such an operation work? Would one send an address to a DAO which handled the crowdfunding and it would then send a preloaded usb stick to the recipient or would you just subsidize people that created the usb sticks? I think the former would be the more secure but then you’d be paying for postage. If the latter you’re going to have to figure out some form of security to prevent users from ripping off the system.

Also if we gave out usb sticks with the SAFE network on it that would encourage people to build a mesh based SAFE network.

As for paper I disagree as to it’s lack of value. I know many people who thrive on it and keep their hard copy extremely organized. Personally I’m not really one of them for the most part, though I do see it’s value and try to keep a hard copy of a lot of records and definitely prefer my books that way :smile:. Still if one is on the road or something a paper map you can fold up and throw in your backpack or whatever can actually be more useful than pulling out a tablet and looking on google maps which requires an internet connection, boot time, power and other little annoyances like keeping that tablet safe. Paper? A little more durable and yes it IS replaceable which is sometimes a good thing. Not to mention a printout is cheap comparitively speaking. Cheaper still if it’s black and white.

How close is launch? I understand that around xmas the first workable build in terms of function and speed arrived internally. The year prior at xmas was a proof of concept but the speed wasn’t there. Now post rust overhaul it seems like its down to refinement and perfected docs just prior to a beta of sorts. But even the Alpha won’t be quite secure prior to scale on the number of nodes.

I want it to launch and reach scale by June. I want it to be there to help record, bring to light and prosecute any bs in the next US election.

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I concur when does the network go live. Looks like we won’t be facing a “launch” per se but progressing updates but still something workable would be nice. I’m less concerned about elections and more concerned about currency trading as the value of fiat is plunging and as a consequence food prices are rising. I don’t know about you but I like food and don’t like the notion of starvation because of hyperinflation or the fact we didn’t get the SAFE network up and running in time to counter it. Also storing data and getting some uncensorable communications and publications going would be nice.