SAFE-FS v2.0 (SFSC) Updates

Hey everybody! Glad to have my password fixed and be back. I’ve been lurking here and there awaiting more tangible updates, which seem to be upon us! I hope everyone’s excited, and it’s truly amazing to see the new SNT RFCs and concrete launch plans.

I have been developing SAFE-FS as possible on my own mostly over the past few years, and have made several versions as we await finalized APIs. I feel like I’ve grown alot as a programmer and person and am excited to be able to develop this on a live network, or at least on the final test networks throughout launch. MaidSafe is truly needed, both for stable economies, governments, and equal distribution of egalitarian AI (the biggest obstacle for widespread human survival, and the greatest opportunity for amazing abundance, in my eyes), and it has always been a part of my core identity, regardless of how much I post here.

Anyway, I have a lot of work to show you!

Here is a link to the new home page.


And here is a link to try the new v2.0 cross-platform SAFE-FS native app. Android APK here


I don’t want this to get too long, so let’s leave feedback, comments & ideas for the new SAFE-FS app on this thread over here. I hope you like the new logo & rebrand!

Also, here is a link to the newly updated SAFE-FS Whitepaper.


SAFE-FS Coin / Tokens have had a big overhaul since inception, due to regulatory evolutions over the years and changes seen in comparable projects. As such, SAFE-FS is not to be used as a monetary tool, and much like SafeCoin, Project Decorum Coin & others, is only to be used as a Utility Token within the native ecosystem of SAFE-FS Apps, such as SAFE-FS, SafeTube, SafeAppStore, SecretChat & others.

While the more detailed tokenomics can be found on Page 9 of our new Whitepaper, the mile-high overview is that no governance is able to be allowed at present, due to regulatory restrictions, leaving the main purpose of the token as a means to promote content stored on the network. It still has a market-driven price based on demand, is transferrable with the SAFE-FS Wallet within the App, and remains largely unchanged from its initial conceptions, but it is not to be seen as a store of value, and rather as a means of paid promotion within the various SAFE-FS family of applications, not unlike PDC Clikes (forgive my run-on sentences; there’s so many developments to get across)

I’ll leave it here before it gets too long, but we are getting SFSC up and running with a manual wrapping process on additional chains (already on BTC Omni here since 2016, and Ethereum ERC-20 here since 2017), such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, AVAX & (my favorite) Optimism, so that we can have a wider reach to additional communities, and enjoy lower transaction fees / slippage.

Thread for New App & comments

Thread for SAFE-FS Intl Blog & comments

Oh and here is the current MKT Cap info of SFSC & other SAFE projects as of 5/2/23. Still looking at a nice visual way to track these; ideas welcome.



I was thinking this thread could be more focused on SFSC, been getting messages about that and conversions to the new chains @Freedomist etc. Even @happybeing are you on ERC-20?

I think about half of the supply has converted over.

But don’t forget we are using the same burn / airdrop mechanism on many more chains now too so feel free to spread yourself across several to maximize DEX farming on low liquidity chains.(BEP-20, OP, AVAX, MATIC for now, maybe WAVES soon, looking into that).

Also please read the newest Whitepaper,

I am currently only holding the original omni safefs token. I am a bit behind on the other chains at the moment other then some knowledge of erc20, but i will fast catch up now that i have a good reason to.

I will get up to speed on everything you posted lately and contribute where time permits me to. Looking forward to this endeavour with all involved!