SAFE-FS New App Launch

Here is a link to our new v2.0 app, which needs to be tested and expanded in several ways. This thread is meant to discuss its development, criticisms, changes (RFC’s?) and potential. It is written in AlpineJS (with vue where possible), and TailwindCSS which I highly reccomend, and is built to work as a somewhat native Android app and iPhone app, which I have tested. In addition, I see Tauri is popular here since it’s lightweight and rust-based so I have been working on using that to get it to be truly cross-platform with the desktop OS’s, since the app already has responsive desktop layouts.

Desktop preview:

Mobile preview:

I am looking forward to more feature-frozen APIs that I can add into SAFE-FS and launch onto current networks! It was a blast having people upload data to the first version of SAFE-FS, which I made a django (python) admin DB of all your content that I hope I can restore at some point, for nostalgia’s sake.

Here is an older version of a SAFE-FS desktop app that I made over the years too, as well as another Android app version that I experimented with. Both have since been replaced by the most recent, all-platform app highlighted above over time.

So far I have:

  • Public Data page, with sub-sections by Data Types
  • Private Data page, with sub-sections by Data Types
  • Profile page with published data, Bio & SNT donation options

Next steps I’m adding are:

  • Searchable #DataTags after I learn more about them
  • Linking creators in the data, to encourage donating & support
  • Finishing wallet pages for sending & receiving SNT standard tokens
  • Upload pages for different data types
  • Video & Audio preview players, possible PDF / doc / ODF preview windows
  • Contact / friends list capabilities

I also need general feedback both from the community & MaidSafe, as I have a tendency to create too fast and check details later. So I’m sure there are at least several parts that are incorrectly created for SAFE’s new structures and design philosophies, although I also understand that they are always quite in flux and develop themselves around app developer’s input at times as well.

So please take a look, comment below and I’ll continue to post all iterations here!


Seems like forum traffic really died down over the years


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OMG!! Long time no see :scream: Welcome back @whiteoutmashups!!


Great to see isn’t it. :partying_face:

@whiteoutmashups great to have you back and flying high as ever. And with apps. With apps. And did you say Tauri, too much man, too much :cold_sweat:

Now, where are all those Safe-FS I lost down the back of the sofa? :grimacing:


True! I forget we all operate on different time zones.

I, of all people, should understand that :sweat_smile:


I had a similar feeling about the ERC-20 minting address for a minute :sweat_smile: but SAFE and sound.

Did you guys try out the app?

Looking for feedback


I like the page customization, dark/light, color, layout. I do think the layout change was hard to handle a little because once the layout changed you had to figure out how to change back but was pretty quickly changing things.

Mostly looks pretty good. Stylistically not 100% up my alley but it felt very functional and relatively intuitive and that is what really counts!

Great work @whiteoutmashups and welcome back. Your adventures sound very candid and exciting.


Thanks yeah there’s a few buttons to change color and it does have a light mode, but I prefer dark by default. Lots of apps seem to be going that way these days for eye health / less strain, such as discord, VS Code, ChatGPT etc. Definitely the modern wave and good reason, I’ve been using dark mode everywhere for years but still have the ability to have light mode toggable in SAFE-FS through the top left settings bar. You can also choose from about 6 secondary color schemes.

Right sorry a few pages are unfinished for sure, layout pages and profile page especially. And SafeCoin / SFSC wallet send page.

Was half expecting someone to screenshot the mockup @dirvine profile page and post it here :joy:

I guess I wanted to double check with @MaidSafe or the community that is possible to mint new tokens on SAFE? I’m preparing the SAFE-FS wallet to be able to handle them, just haven’t discussed that feature of SAFE in years. Anything I should know about that? Or still being hashed out?

And a few Easter eggs / funny messages hidden around on the app cough authpages cough that I hoped people would find on their own :sweat_smile:


whats the difference between this and SafeAppStore Official Thread

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That was very many years ago, but it’s being integrated here. SFSC will also be used as the promotion utility, so it’s in our same “family of apps.” But SAFE-FS took over as our main app a few years ago, and the best vision.

You can even see it sort of has an early version in our current app on this page here. Or also as a simple entry in our mockup SAFE Token wallet system here.

Haven’t finished the new design yet, and still considering whether or not to make “Apps” a simple tab / section / datatype in SAFE-FS, or a wholly separate app that uses many of the same tools. Have to consider what would be easiest for the end users, and everyone can chip in openly.

What would you consider to be easier for people? I’ll present some design options soon to get started.

Everything is still being changed and redesigned; hoping to start a regular “open dev” session weekly or so at some point so things can be worked on with community feedback live. Coming soon,