SAFE-FS MaidSafe Marketing Proposal

So what would you be submitting in the first instance Will, a complete video, voice over script or something else? What I’m really looking for here is what is the production process and how will you submit that (in stages) work for review?

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yes, this.

we always create everything at once, and then get feedback.

Everything we submit will be an entire package, but might not be the final audio, or video, etc, which are subject to edits and feedback

So stages will be like, “Full Draft #1,” “Full Draft #2,” “Release Candidate #1,” “#2” etc until people are happy with the final verison.

I feel that works better with my team than submitting standalone parts

This seems like an inefficient way to do things Will. For example, if you send over a finished video where we are not happy with the script (it will be hard to get this perfect first time round) and you have Eddy record the voice over, you animate around the script and then edit everything including the background video you will have to start from the beginning again and that will get tired pretty quickly if you need to do this multiple times. That is why the commercial companies we have worked with get sign off in stages, I hope that makes sense.


Yes I’m doing the first voice over myself for this exact reason

And just to put this thread into perspective,

if we all decide to go ahead with the e-Office Expansion Proposal here, then videos like this OP can be made twice a week or so (voice over adds time), but simpler videos like mine with the words going across the screen can be made every… single… day… for MaidSafe Marketing.

The e-Office Expansion Proposal will therefore be like having an ENTIRE CEP EVERY DAY instead of once a month or two. Hope that helps put this current thread into perspective, and I hope we move forward with it, either just MaidSafe or as a larger community thing, etc.

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Morning all,

As per the CEP process everyone will have 2 weeks to ask questions on a proposal. This time period ends on Tues so please you get all your questions in asap


First Draft

Missing voice over, from the script we sent over PM.

First draft of the animations above. Will be finalized once these parts are agreed on


Looks good - from what I can tell without the script - but I think it needs the SAFE Network logo on it somewhere


cheers, i like it! :slight_smile:
but why not use the official safecoin logo?


Both MaidSafe and SafeNetowrk logos I think no? Like it or not that blue triangle is synonymous with SAFE and it will be until post-launch, it’s what appears in lots of places in reference to this project so should be visible too imo.


Yeah, perhaps initial and/or final splash screens with “SAFE Network from MaidSafe” or something like that.


Very nice Will. Looks great already :smile:



Voting opens tomorrow, and in response to the other (no offence) extremely excessively priced video proposals, I have added several stretch goals to mine, above. I have several long term marketing proposals that I’ve written on this forum in great detail, that go far beyond one single video, and they have become my stretch goals.
So if my proposal wins here, then you get all of my 3 proposals, for the cost of only one short video from the other parties here. That means a full 4-6 person full time MaidSafe video & social media marketing team, AS WELL AS a global SAFE Pods Outreach plan for the entire world, all for 1-2 months+ (could continue forever if successful) for the same price as one single 2-3 minute video from the other guys :stuck_out_tongue: think about it before you vote!


If this proposal hits 5,000 MAID, then that will be enough for the entire video as laid out (and has had its initial v1 draft released already) AS WELL AS MY ENTIRE MAIDSAFE CORPORATE e-OFFICE MARKETING PROPOSAL as laid out in detail here. This will give a solid first test month, with a MaidSafe community manager, who I train to lead a team of 2-3 full time video designers, with the expected output of one 2-3 minute video every single workday (5/week) long term. The community will have a great deal of control over the process, scripting, feedback and requested edits before releasing.

If this proposal hits 7,000 MAID, then in addition to all the above (SAFE-FS main video & the e-Office full time video team for MaidSafe), I will also set up a MaidSafe e-Office for full-time Social Media Marketing, based on the same proposal here. This added budget will pay for the first entire month, with potentially hundreds of posts across Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Flickr, Bitcointalk, Deviantart and others, as well as basic SEO and boosted advertisements on current materials. All this progress will be reflected on the forums as well, for MaidSafe and the community to give their feedback on as well.

If this proposal hits 10,000 MAID, then ALL 3 OF MY PROPOSALS WILL HAPPEN IN FULL. That includes my final propsal, where MaidSafe Pods expand around the globe, centered on trusted community leaders in the various areas. The full details are laid out explicitly in the proposal, and this added budget will pay for the first month of funding, which–like the other proposals–will be publicly available for review at the end of the trial month, when we decide if & how to proceed with any or all of these forever or not, and how to fund them (which should be easy, due to the low cost plans I have devised).

Please vote! MaidSafe needs to expand in 2018!
Instead of one 2-3min video from the other guys proposals, let’s have all 3 of mine!!
Same cost!! Please vote!

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@whiteoutmashups Unfortunately this makes me less likely to vote. I totally respect your gumption and I agree that the cost of your competitors is quite high BUT I think there is still a little growing your team could have, not saying the videos are bad but they are not at the level of the competition (they have crazy animation experience). That’s also not to say I don’t want your teams full time video team because actually I do! I want both, that’s why I feel as though bundling the safecoin video proposal with the two others that I am willing to vote for may be a mistake.

This might just be me but I’ll gladly vote for your e-office proposal with full time video and social media marketing team and the global safe pods proposal. Honestly, if we get your e-office approved you can make your own safecoin video too, though I know your point is more to save everyone money, which is much appreciated. Much respect just want to share my opinion.


No it’s not my team making them,

Please read the proposal.

The system is for hiring new people, including a manager, who then presents all the videos to the community each day or weekly etc

And if anyone doesn’t like anything, they post their edits, and if they continue to not like things then that freelancer can be let go and replacements found.

Please read the proposal first


Voting is now open, please vote on this poll by Friday 19th


SAFE-FS Marketing Video v1 released

Thanks to anonymous community funding


I like your videos Will but why keep on throwing Maidsafe at the end of them? It comes off like it’s official and I don’t feel like that’s for us to do. Put “The SAFE Network” instead? Makes more sense to me. I’m sure you have reasoning and I’d love to hear it but that’s my 2cents for now.


I agree - I guess the issue is that MaidSafe is better known than SAFE Network in Malasia, but I think the new logo and the SAFE Network name should be used from now to avoid confusion. I don’t want to be critical as it looks great, but I’m also a little confused by the messaging on this one. What’s it meant to be telling us exactly? What’s the call to action?


Right. The point is we shouldn’t perpetuate the confusion but instead straighten it out now rather than later