SAFE-FS MaidSafe Marketing Proposal

Many thanks for this Will. Can you please repost to community/proposals category, or maybe one of the @moderators can move your post over there. Cheers.


This sounds very reasonable too!
(I personally are not a fan of all this marketing stuff and paying too much for it but I know it is a necessary evil for being recognized - so it is very well invested coin in my opinion)


Impressive, comprehensive and professional proposal Will. Very nice :slight_smile:

Should the above be MaidSafecoin rather than Safecoin? I think so, and I’m not sure it fits with promoting the SAFEnetwork because while we know the difference anyone new is likely to think this is part of SAFEnetwork and get confused about what Safecoin is, what Omni is, or how SAFEnetwork depends on it etc. MAID is related but not part of what we are trying to give visibility to as far as I understand it in the current RFP (which is Safecoin/SAFEnetwork).

This point makes me think it might help if in general we try to stick to the terms Safecoin and MAID, because MaidSafecoin is to easily confused with Safecoin. I’m sure people often assume they are the same thing, whereas MAID sounds like a different thing altogether.


Yeah sorry, meant to put MaidSafeCoin. Small typo, with all the jumping back and forth between the currencies in the previous sentences, thx


Nice proposal Will. A couple of observations/questions:

  • I think we will need to rethink the time that this project will start in order to give others the opportunity to propose their own project, but the pace and time indications is appreciated.

  • We have found in making previous animations that it is helpful to have sign off at each stage of the creative process. Can you confirm each stage where your team would be looking for sign off?

  • I like the idea of using MAID to promote the finished animation, which ad platforms would you plan to use?

  • We should probably avoid talking about purchasing MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin as an investment.

  • I like the stretch goals, particularly the SAFE Network Consensus video, nice one!


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Love it! Can I just ask that we never use the music playing from 0:08 until the end in the Community Engagement Program video please :sweat_smile:

Wow @Joe_Chiriaev you’re definitely the very first person to say that, while many felt the opposite.

The music is so calming, benign and neutral. Very surprised anyone in the world can have a negative reaction to something so passive :stuck_out_tongue:

But using the exact same track on two videos wouldn’t make sense, just for redundancy’s sake, so don’t expect that.

Well as a team we are in a nice groove of producing video content every day, for our different marketing contracts so would be nice if we could post our draft as soon as is acceptable

Yes we will post our first drafts the same day and then everyone can comment, etc as a group. I have PM’d our script to your team on Monday so any feedback on that is very helpful as well


Thanks! It’s a big question techie people ask when you say there’s no blockchain, & a major achievement of SAFE so it should be touted a bit :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the speed with which you and your team work, but we do need to give others the opportunity to make proposals to make the process as fair and transparent as possible. The competition will also help to drive quality.

It is typical for companies we have worked with to submit work in stages in order that we avoid needing to rework an animation which is both time consuming and expensive. These stages can be: script sign off, story board sign off, animation style, first draft, second draft. I don’t think each of these can be produced and signed off in a single day, at least not well considered stages, and it would therefore makes sense to stagger these.


The music is so calming, benign and neutral. Very surprised anyone in the world can have a negative reaction to something so passive :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like the music version of stock photos :sweat_smile:

Ref the questions above @whiteoutmashups.

Can you let me know the stages in which you would submit work should you be successful? As an additional question, recording a clear voiceover can be difficult as equipment, recording location and software all play a part. What steps would you take to get a good quality recording?


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Yes the initial draft can happen as soon as you would accept it, and then everyone can submit their edits

And Eddie that you’ve met in Jakarta gets paid for these voice overs regularly and has access to professional requirement equipment so I’m expecting high audio quality from him


Hope someone hires @Zoki to do the voiceover in one of the submissions. I still think he had the best vocal presentation I’ve heard so far in any SAFE video - not just clear and audibly affable, but also enthusiastic and confidence inspiring.


Awww. Thanks Jabba.
Let’s see what comes up.
I might have a more quiet time at work this year, and stay home longer.

I’ve got to get another video out soon. :slight_smile:


Or just hire a voice-actor online. Easy peasy. Costs you 250 to 500 euro’s, depending on the length of your video.


!250 !!! Sign me up. :smile:


Lol wow that’s a horrible price :stuck_out_tongue:

But definitely hiring online for it makes loads of sense as well. I just happen to know someone in the community who does it professionally so might as well keep the $$ within here.

Dang ikr me too

Maybe compare the voices and poll if the extra money is worth it?


Depends on how you look at it I guess. The company I work for hired a video-production company a little while back for a productvideo. They let us choose one of the Dutch voice-actors. Worked like a charm. For that particular video the costs were a little disproportionate indeed, but when you’re creating something like this, it’s totally worth it:

You can hire her as well btw. :wink:

Not trying to be intrusive or anything. Just my thoughts. Love the sound of your proposal. I’m sure you’re gonna blow all our minds. :+1:


So what would you be submitting in the first instance Will, a complete video, voice over script or something else? What I’m really looking for here is what is the production process and how will you submit that (in stages) work for review?

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