SAFE-FS MaidSafe Marketing Proposal


In response to the other (no offence) extremely excessively priced video proposals, I have added several stretch goals to mine, below. I have several long term marketing proposals that I’ve written on this forum in great detail, that go far beyond one single video, and they have become my stretch goals.
So if my proposal wins here, then you get all of my 3 proposals, for the cost of only one short video from the other parties here. That means a full 4-6 person full time MaidSafe video & social media marketing team, AS WELL AS a global SAFE Pods Outreach plan for the entire world, all for 1-2 months+ (could continue forever if successful) for the same price as one single 2-3 minute video from the other guys :stuck_out_tongue: think about it before you vote!

Create an animated video about SafeCoin with our own voice-over, that explains the differences and unique features that SafeCoin will offer the world.

The video will be created using a combination of Premier Pro, Photoshop, GIMP, 3DS Max, InDesign and other video software for Mac & Windows. It will include a script that will be pre-approved by MaidSafe, describing the unique benefits of SafeCoin, and how those benefits differentiate it from all past and current currency systems. This description will therefore reveal much about how the SAFE Network works, in parallel, as the strength of SafeCoin comes from the SAFE Network’s design itself. As with our previous videos for MaidSafe, it will finish with an attactive splash screen as well as links to get involved with the community & where to securely invest in MaidSafeCoin. 75% of the MAID from this proposal will go to SAFE-FS and its various teams involved, for taking their time away from SAFE-FS and its videos from its outside partnerships, to prioritize this SafeCoin video above all other work, until it is finished to the liking of the community & MaidSafe.

Friday 12/29/17 - Final deadline for first PoC draft of SafeCoin video
Tuesday 1/2/17 - Conglomerate all feedback from community & MaidSafe
Friday 1/5/17 - Finalize all collected feedback into release candidate
Afterwards - Sponsored marketing campaign with ads, to get the video seen by as many members of the crypto & non-crypto communities online as possible, to have the largest splash and positive effect for MaidSafe.

Known Limitations:
We work across major time zones, so we are able to produce one video work per day, and any further changes take an entire new day (24 hours) to appear for you. So please try to group any changes from the community & MaidSafe all together, so that we can complete it by the next day for you all. There are no ways that we can “rush” and make any changes within a few hours, as our team is spread out across at least 3 major time zones (4, including myself), and all need to work together to make video / image edits. Thanks

For an initial budget of 3,000 MAID, this project can deliver a professionally maid :slight_smile: video that explains these topics, with ongoing feedback from the community and the MaidSafe company. At least 750 MAID will be used for direct promotion of the video itself across many media platforms, to gain anywhere from 1,000 - 25,000+ views total. We feel that this is a highly efficient use of resources, and will have a major impact on increasing numbers of MaidSafe community members as well as potential long-term invested hodlers.


If this proposal hits 5,000 MAID, then that will be enough for the entire video as laid out (and has had its initial v1 draft released already) AS WELL AS MY ENTIRE MAIDSAFE CORPORATE e-OFFICE MARKETING PROPOSAL as laid out in detail here. This will give a solid first test month, with a MaidSafe community manager, who I train to lead a team of 2-3 full time video designers, with the expected output of one 2-3 minute video every single workday (5/week) long term. The community will have a great deal of control over the process, scripting, feedback and requested edits before releasing.

If this proposal hits 7,000 MAID, then in addition to all the above (SAFE-FS main video & the e-Office full time video team for MaidSafe), I will also set up a MaidSafe e-Office for full-time Social Media Marketing, based on the same proposal here. This added budget will pay for the first entire month, with potentially hundreds of posts across Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Flickr, Bitcointalk, Deviantart and others, as well as basic SEO and boosted advertisements on current materials. All this progress will be reflected on the forums as well, for MaidSafe and the community to give their feedback on as well.

If this proposal hits 10,000 MAID, then ALL 3 OF MY PROPOSALS WILL HAPPEN IN FULL. That includes my final propsal, where MaidSafe Pods expand around the globe, centered on trusted community leaders in the various areas. The full details are laid out explicitly in the proposal, and this added budget will pay for the first month of funding, which–like the other proposals–will be publicly available for review at the end of the trial month, when we decide if & how to proceed with any or all of these forever or not, and how to fund them (which should be easy, due to the low cost plans I have devised).

Stretch Goals (Beyond The Above Ones):
For every additional 1,000 MaidSafeCoins raised, we will make one of the following videos, from this list (or other members can propose topics):

  • SAFE Network Consensus, to explain how the SAFE Network achieves consensus without a blockchain (a very Frequently Asked Question).
  • SAFE Network potential to change global economies and power restructuring back to the citizens of the world
  • SafeCoin Cold Storage with offline creation / signing of BTC addresses with a brief overview of the Omni Protocol & its relationship to MAID / BTC, as well as how to use OmniWallet (a big FAQ)
  • MaidSafe Documentary Teaser, made from YouTube clips / Images
    (this doc is a plan I’ve had for a while :slight_smile: )

Any further funds raised will go directly towards extending the teams longer term into the future

Will “WhiteOutMashups” Gallo III
SAFE-FS CEO & App Founder; MaidSafe Evangelist since 2014
I, @whiteoutmashups will lead the entire marketing project, and provide the script, content and overall guidance / leadership for my team as we create this, and any other marketing materials for MaidSafe, as always.

Eddie (Indonesia)
My close friend Eddie has helped with the MaidSafe Asia Jakarta conference, which was big news this past year, and included the MaidSafe team from Troon. He has a nice voice and has done voice-overs for payment in the past, and has offered to provide it for my team in this proposal (English).

SAFE-FS Video Team
I prefer not to have anyone contact / interfere with those whom I pay salary, so that they can focus on my jobs and I don’t lose any value on the considerable money that I am spending. Please respect my privacy on this. I like to remain in charge of their tasks, since I pay my own money for their focus and concentration. This goes for all workers at SAFE-FS, although you can see them on here sometimes and saya quick hello, etc.

POC duration and justification:
Please give us until the end of the day on Thursday to have a sample video for this current project. But for now, here’s the previous video we made last week for MaidSafe Marketing:

This particular MaidSafe video is being made by the SAFE-FS company, which consists of the above people as well as any additional hires that are brought on over time.

Additional Notes
@whiteoutmashups (& therefore all of SAFE-FS) is very dedicated to MaidSafe, and helping it grow until it creates radical changes in the world. I am proud of my marketing team, and have been fine-tuning it, as well as my development team, in parallel. We are all excited to work on this, and anything else to assist MaidSafe expand and deliver as best and quickly as possible, as the success of SAFE-FS and its holders depends on it. Thank you


Many thanks for this Will. Can you please repost to community/proposals category, or maybe one of the @moderators can move your post over there. Cheers.


This sounds very reasonable too!
(I personally are not a fan of all this marketing stuff and paying too much for it but I know it is a necessary evil for being recognized - so it is very well invested coin in my opinion)


Impressive, comprehensive and professional proposal Will. Very nice :slight_smile:

Should the above be MaidSafecoin rather than Safecoin? I think so, and I’m not sure it fits with promoting the SAFEnetwork because while we know the difference anyone new is likely to think this is part of SAFEnetwork and get confused about what Safecoin is, what Omni is, or how SAFEnetwork depends on it etc. MAID is related but not part of what we are trying to give visibility to as far as I understand it in the current RFP (which is Safecoin/SAFEnetwork).

This point makes me think it might help if in general we try to stick to the terms Safecoin and MAID, because MaidSafecoin is to easily confused with Safecoin. I’m sure people often assume they are the same thing, whereas MAID sounds like a different thing altogether.


Yeah sorry, meant to put MaidSafeCoin. Small typo, with all the jumping back and forth between the currencies in the previous sentences, thx


Nice proposal Will. A couple of observations/questions:

  • I think we will need to rethink the time that this project will start in order to give others the opportunity to propose their own project, but the pace and time indications is appreciated.

  • We have found in making previous animations that it is helpful to have sign off at each stage of the creative process. Can you confirm each stage where your team would be looking for sign off?

  • I like the idea of using MAID to promote the finished animation, which ad platforms would you plan to use?

  • We should probably avoid talking about purchasing MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin as an investment.

  • I like the stretch goals, particularly the SAFE Network Consensus video, nice one!


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Love it! Can I just ask that we never use the music playing from 0:08 until the end in the Community Engagement Program video please :sweat_smile:

Wow @Joe_Chiriaev you’re definitely the very first person to say that, while many felt the opposite.

The music is so calming, benign and neutral. Very surprised anyone in the world can have a negative reaction to something so passive :stuck_out_tongue:

But using the exact same track on two videos wouldn’t make sense, just for redundancy’s sake, so don’t expect that.

Well as a team we are in a nice groove of producing video content every day, for our different marketing contracts so would be nice if we could post our draft as soon as is acceptable

Yes we will post our first drafts the same day and then everyone can comment, etc as a group. I have PM’d our script to your team on Monday so any feedback on that is very helpful as well


Thanks! It’s a big question techie people ask when you say there’s no blockchain, & a major achievement of SAFE so it should be touted a bit :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the speed with which you and your team work, but we do need to give others the opportunity to make proposals to make the process as fair and transparent as possible. The competition will also help to drive quality.

It is typical for companies we have worked with to submit work in stages in order that we avoid needing to rework an animation which is both time consuming and expensive. These stages can be: script sign off, story board sign off, animation style, first draft, second draft. I don’t think each of these can be produced and signed off in a single day, at least not well considered stages, and it would therefore makes sense to stagger these.


The music is so calming, benign and neutral. Very surprised anyone in the world can have a negative reaction to something so passive :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like the music version of stock photos :sweat_smile:

Ref the questions above @whiteoutmashups.

Can you let me know the stages in which you would submit work should you be successful? As an additional question, recording a clear voiceover can be difficult as equipment, recording location and software all play a part. What steps would you take to get a good quality recording?


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Yes the initial draft can happen as soon as you would accept it, and then everyone can submit their edits

And Eddie that you’ve met in Jakarta gets paid for these voice overs regularly and has access to professional requirement equipment so I’m expecting high audio quality from him


Hope someone hires @Zoki to do the voiceover in one of the submissions. I still think he had the best vocal presentation I’ve heard so far in any SAFE video - not just clear and audibly affable, but also enthusiastic and confidence inspiring.


Awww. Thanks Jabba.
Let’s see what comes up.
I might have a more quiet time at work this year, and stay home longer.

I’ve got to get another video out soon. :slight_smile:


Or just hire a voice-actor online. Easy peasy. Costs you 250 to 500 euro’s, depending on the length of your video.


!250 !!! Sign me up. :smile:


Lol wow that’s a horrible price :stuck_out_tongue:

But definitely hiring online for it makes loads of sense as well. I just happen to know someone in the community who does it professionally so might as well keep the $$ within here.

Dang ikr me too

Maybe compare the voices and poll if the extra money is worth it?


Depends on how you look at it I guess. The company I work for hired a video-production company a little while back for a productvideo. They let us choose one of the Dutch voice-actors. Worked like a charm. For that particular video the costs were a little disproportionate indeed, but when you’re creating something like this, it’s totally worth it:

You can hire her as well btw. :wink:

Not trying to be intrusive or anything. Just my thoughts. Love the sound of your proposal. I’m sure you’re gonna blow all our minds. :+1: