SAFE-FS ERC20 Ethereum Wallet 1.0 Release

SAFE-FS Ethereum Wallet link

We are pleased to announce that our partnership with Gamerbits developers has led to the creation of a customized SAFE-FS Ethereum wallet, and we are extremely thankful for this.

It allows all of our SAFE-FS token holders to have a customized experience when using our new, Ethereum-based SAFE-FS tokens, and is available at the link above. Users can create their first Ethereum address with this web app, and receive their tokens to the address it gives you. Then you are able to send them, provided you have enough Ethereum to cover the gas cost. Image preview:

Please use this thread with any support questions,

Thank you!


And to not cause confusion, this wallet is completely optional. Any Ethereum token wallet can be used for our currency.

Just wanted to provide a full experience for anyone who wanted such a thing


And we can leave our SAFE-FS tokens on omni till safe goes live rather than move over to ERC20 if we want to?

Yes that’s no problem, that’s the default.

This is to help with exchanges in the meantime


bravo!!!it looks so good

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So what is the difference between SAFE token and Maidsafecoin?

MaidSafeCoin will change to SafeCoin when SAFE actually launches

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Thank you so much!

Hope it’s useful