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Wait for so long I didn’t see anything! I think with maidsafecoin support your development is pointless! If you can, I hope I can get my maidsafecoin!


One of my friends is waiting patiently to see Safe FS Coin being available on an exchange, because he wants to support this project but was unable to invest during the crowdsale. I would be happy to help him (and you) doing a trade, maybe?


I am very happy to communicate with your COINS, I hope I can through maidsafecoin exchange


OK cool, thank you. What I could offer (for free of course, I just want to be helpful and earn no fees) is that you mention your asking price for the number of coins that you are selling, and I will pass it to my friend. After you and my friend have negiotated and reached an agreement, I will receive both your (SAFE FS) coins and the (MaidSafe) coins from my friend which I will pay out to you both after I showed you both that the coins are with me. In a way I will act as a swap facilitator, again at no costs.

I hope you understand what I mean, since I have the idea that English is most probably not your first language? Which is no problem, we only need to have things VERY clear, and only make a transaction if everybody is happy.

We will switch to PM here, not to disturb this thread any further, ok? I will PM you in a minute.


Good! Thank you very much for your help! Sincere greetings to you again

#130 it’s been in all the announcements and also right in that reply, you can just click that link that’s all you have to do

working on yobit as the forum shows


Hey, the link is broken you need to remove the www at the beginning.


Hmm I can’t imagine how www could hurt a link I’ll look up how that makes sense

Fixed regardless


hello! Can you help me and MyLegacyKit exchange safe - fs? I hope you can do the middle guarantor!


Trading actually don’t need that trouble, I would be happy to bring my friends and I safe - fs to fs developers whiteoutmashups, he do guarantee I think is very appropriate, we all trust him! You sent via he can know that I have completed safe - fs, and then you pay maidsafe is ok for me!




Can you do it in small parts? If you’re selling to MrLegacyKit I would personally vouch for his trustworthiness as he has been a loyal user here for a long time now. But always safest to do trades in chunks.

There are also escrow websites.

But if you can’t find anything at all I could facilitate an escrow trade but I would need about a day’s notice in advance


OK! Thank you for your help, I am waiting for MrLegacyKit online. Once everyone is sure good, I can put the safe - fs to you, and then wait for MrLegacyKit confirmation you receive fscoin maidsafe to pay me


I’ve just PM-ed both of you. :slight_smile:


Had another great outreach Meetup today. This one was up in Jacksonville today. Here’s a quick pic and some basic info, but will do write ups and give more pics and a few videos (some intentional, some unintentional like when I was trying to take a picture:P) from this and the last few SAFE-FS outreach Meetups.

Today was a JAX Java Users Group Meetup (small today, only 9 people) with “lightning talks” (usually <10min presentations), where some topics were Scala,, functional programming, fuzzy programming, and BoA’s new bank user cloud project.

Mine was on SAFE-FS :slight_smile: looking back, I definitely should have taken a voice memo of it, because we had some great questions about it, especially from the node / scala server guys. They asked about the plugins (for safe://), the economics, Cryptocurrencies in general, and had lots of questions into this whole world. Was great interest all around, more questions kept coming up. Wish I had David’s knowledge of the inner workings:P

Will do a more formal write up on it, also have a back log of SAFE-FS Meetups that I need to write up for you guys

Here’s an awkward pic of myself (I think someone told a joke):

Here’s one of the lightning talks:

More formal write up coming soon!
(cool side note, they had the HTC Vive there which was soooo cool!!) :smiley:


Also I just remembered to check on our PoC after a long time, and have approved many images and our first video. Crazy stuff! Thanks for all the interest and enjoy!


Easy link to all of our Documents:


A few updates about our website and our forums:

  • We have decided to close our instance of a forum, for several reasons explained below, but we have saved a “D.O. Snapshot” of it, in case anyone is vehemently opposed to this decision
  • We have made several updates to our website to reflect this.
  • We have made a DNS update so that now redirects to this thread, for discussions to occur here instead
  • will get several updates in the future, as it transitions away from a crowdsale website and into a long term website for our company

The forum has been closed for several reasons. One is that the vast majority of our investors came from this forum, so it is safe to assume that they already have accounts here instead of on the forum we created. Second reason stems from the first, and it is that they would always come to this thread to ask questions, much more often than posting to our much smaller forum. Third is that $20 of our $25 monthly DigitalOcean bill was the very inactive forum alone, with the other $5 hosting our live SAFE-FS Proof of Concept (very useful while presenting at Meetups), the MWApps site, and many other valuable backup files for our company. So the $20 had very little value compared to the $5, so we decided to stick to only the $5/mo. Fourth is that the forum only really held two purposes, which are now fulfilled elsewhere: first being a place to discuss (see reasons 1-3 above), and second being a place to host the links to the different sale documents. I have recently posted links to all of the sale documents in post #140 of this thread, and have updated all the links on to reflect this.

If anyone has opposing reasons, we still have an offline backup copy of the forum, so it would be worth discussing, but $20/mo for a very inactive / redundant forum didn’t seem like a proper use of these funds long term.

tl;dr: for many reasons, we have replaced our forums website with this thread. Thank you for your attention!


Free random goodie download:

SAFE-FS Cursor!


It’s the one that I’m always using, I like how it makes my mouse much more visible while using strong bluelight filters (preserve eyesight:). So you 'll see it in my debugging screenshot posts on the dev forum.



What would anyone think about using bitsquare for SFSC exchanges also?

I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve read that they are good for altcoins

Worth looking into? Anyone tried it?