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Another short update. Keeping everyone in the loop!

This is quoted from the current moderator chat on our forums, and is the live checklist of our SAFE-FS Coin verifications and dispersals.

-You now see the problem for BTC #2 & #5 and fixing it
-So I have now used the first address on the sending side
-Wait on you [WOM] to add the bonus calculations (doing now)
-Wait on you [WOM] to add the MAID/BTC weighted averages to convert MAID to BTC value
-Wait on you [WOM] to add the BTC/USDT weighted averages to convert the BTC value to $$$
-Wait on you [WOM] to then proportion [send] out the coin [to verified addresses].

As shown above, current spreadsheet at Dropbox had the wrong addresses (was a cold storage transferring address) for transactions #2 & #5, and this was caught and fixed. So the current step is adding bonus calculations. Should be done very shortly. Will update this post with a newer download link when completed.

EDIT: Here is the newer excel, with bonuses added


Maybe it’s me but when I click that link (on my Windows smartphone, I have no PC/laptop available until tomorrow) I’m asked to log on to dropbox. So I created an account, logged on via the link but no file becomes available.

Then I used the link provided a few days ago, noticed no log on is needed and after opening that file I noticed the bonus % are added, but not the bonus amounts. So I’m probably looking at the wrong file, right? Thanks for the help again! :slight_smile:


Hmm well we just discussed, fixed a few points, and released a further updated version here, which should work for everyone.

Getting closer to having these fully verified, and getting the SFSC out!

Thank you to everyone who has verified your numbers on our forums, your contributions truly help us along!


As per our crowdsale specifications, we have released the first of our two “Market Price Updates.”

This one is for the MAID --> BTC conversion rates, and they are released in our Crowdsale Recording4.ods

Also, here are the screenshots of the Poloniex figures we used for each entry


Are you going to do distribution soon and are you doing it manually?


Finishing first Market Price Update verification with mods, then one left, then verifying coin distribution for each address.

Then manual send, one at a time like SafeAppStore due to Omni.

Checklist post 103


Final Market Update for SFSC Crowdsale (Crowdsale Recording5.ods)

This is the last part that needed outside research / data (shots from sources).

This is the BTC price portion. Prices sourced from hourly Bitstamp charts.

Confirming this with the mods, then calculating all of your share values / SFSC owed before sending it out (final step).

Also, here are the shots of the prices we used for MAID --> BTC conversion rates

#EDIT: FINAL NUMBERS (sale shares & SAFE-FS Coin values per address) ADDED IN “CROWDSALERECORDINGFINAL.ods” and these are being verified by mods & community now


Also, strange aside, but who has been sending massive amounts of BeaverNuggets to our official SAFE-FS Coin holding address?

Not getting in the way of anything, but quite strange behavior, to be sure.


That makes me giggle lol! I heard about BeaverCoin before, but BeaverNuggets is a really cool name too! Probably a joke though.

Calculations looking good, btw. Thanks!


After much back & forth on corrections / discussions, we have released last numbers; really think we will go with these. Moderators are verifying again, but looks mostly decided now:


Need to get underway with getting these coins sent out!! Also, here are the screenshots for the newest corrections made to a few MAID prices


Can’t complain when my address gets a few more coins after the final corrections. Send them out, can’t wait to hold these beauties! :slight_smile:


SFSC have began being sent to the investors’ addresses.

Newest SFSC (90) have been issued with all the descriptions and links on it, ID #2147483909. Several others have been made in tests, but this is the official one for our project.

Currently going one transaction at a time, but now looking to split the 5 million coins into 5 dispatching addresses, to quintuple the dispatching speed.

Here is the first completed transaction.


All 5 dispatch addresses were made & funded last night (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Newest excel has been made, with “Sheet 2” that has the current progress of dispatching all the SFSC to the investors.

Today, many more investors received their SFSC because we are able to dispatch 5 at a time. All investors should have their SAFE-FS coin soon and much quicker, with this method.

Here is the most recent transaction


Next batch sent out, here’s most recent

44 transactions left to send out before everyone has their SFSC

Looking to find ways to do perhaps 3 batches per day, to finish this asap


All SFSC have been sent, except the final transaction :slight_smile:

It’s quite large (921,903 SFSC), so we’re having to collect all SFSC from the dispatch addresses to get this last one sent out.

Everything has gone exactly according to the verified numbers released in the crowdsale recording document.

Also, Omni has had many major improvements since the SafeAppStore crowdsale, so this omni asset was able to be dispersed much faster, despite the larger number of investors. Good job omni :slight_smile:


Yes OMNI is much improved. :relaxed:


#All SFSC have been sent!!

Thank you everyone for participating in our crowdsale.

Please join our forums!

Final tx


How are you safe - fs development? Developing schedule? Whether the listed contact? Hope not to disappoint investors


Yes sir our forum is so you can see all the updates right there!

Make sure you’ve read all of them


First of all, I can’t in the forum. Safe - fs. IO to speak! Just now, I am very not safe - fs satisfied! I want to sell all of my coin