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So no direct shareholder right in a company is it? It’s voting on a board and get dividends payed out from Apps. Not companies.


Is voting on “a board” that votes for the direction of ‘the project’ or company (not sure what the SAFE FS team is legally) different than the board in a company?


I guess that it would be simply guessing how this could be interpreted by any legal instance. I just still think it’s not a bad idea to let someone professional look at this before promising things like dividend and voting rights for shareholders.


Sure, why bother legal issues when it’s other people’s money and there are free meals in jail :expressionless:


Single point of attack is a relevant criterion, and SWARM might be a suitable remedy. Off-shoring in various ways, traditional and digital, should be considered. “Illegal” per se
should not be a consideration, if the “law” in question is unenforceable. In the long run we’re all outlaws here, since the parasites can pass whatever “laws” they damn well want. Consider so-called “money laundering” legislation in the US: every time someone comes with a way around them, they enact a new rule to prohibit it: “structuring”, KYC, etc. It is bullshit and ones mental resources should be spent on tactics to circumvent such obstacles rather than on illegality per se, which is just an excuse to give your hard-earned money to lawyers.


Everything that’s done between the users and SAFE, no matter what the app, is done by them and them alone, and I don’t personally am not going to keep repeating what we are working on for this. Thank you for the feedback @Melvin and the updates are being made.


Saying that it’s between the user and SAFE doesn’t make it true, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. You or someone else at the team writes the code to execute those transactions (dividend) and not the network for example.

Just like you, I’m no lawyer and I’m not saying that you should kill the project or that the idea itself is wrong. It’s just better to do this on forehand instead of when you’ve raised money from others in this community.

I was afraid for such a reaction to be honest and I’ll step back because I get the feeling you’re not appreciating a concern that in my eyes is simply valid for everyone else on this forum.


Yes thank you that’s exactly what’s happening.

I know we’ve had more than our fair share of personal differences in the past @Melvin but I hope this isn’t the driving force behind these very many, long repetitions of the very same point, which we’ve addressed many times already but you keep posting here.

I said I wouldn’t repeat myself but I guess I’m having to: SAFE-FS can and most likely will (working on the prototype at the moment) feature for users to Issue their Profit Claim directly through the autonomous App.

Then this removes the possibility of the App failing or shutting down, and ensures that our supporters may receive their shares of the profits long term.

If you keep bringing the same point here over and over any more I might have to truly question your intentions here and seek further help :frowning:

But if you’re being genuine, then I still do appreciate this feedback as it has already made our planned App much stronger and more resilient.


I already felt this suspicion and I’m glad you’re being so honest to mention it :slight_smile: I can assure you that it has nothing to do with it, I’ll never do that. It’s only me trying to protect both you and the community from making mistakes that other projects did before so you don’t have to.

Like you said, it already lead to improving the application by the ambition to make the dividend process autonomous. Although this protects the investors and their coins, you will still be the person behind this and you might need to look for ways to protect yourself as well.

I think I’ve made my point clear and maybe repeated myself a few times, I hope not too often but just enough to express my sincere concerns :blush:


Crowdsale is complete

Our sale has been active for three weeks and has been a very powerful experience for the project. There have been intense discussions and many updates during this time. Several include:

Tuesday July 19th 2016 marked the end of our crowdsale, and the final opportunity to purchase SAFE-FS Coins, until our coin is listed on exchanges.


Thank you to all who made this project a reality, your investments are being recorded and peer reviewed by several of our team, our moderators, and community members, and will be shared once the figures are more finalized.

After that stage the SAFE-FS coins will begin to be processed, and for now, please join our forums and discuss there!

#free access to information


Thanks for the update! This crowdsale is pretty successful, given the improving but still insecure circumstances surrounding Safe Network, and above all the wariness that most investors will have after the DAO debacle. They will tread more carefully I’m sure. I know I did, at least.

@whiteoutmashups is there a kind of a timeframe that you have in mind for peer review and processing the coins? Like, a week, 2 weeks, a month?


From his documents

[quote]Coin Distribution
The resulting SFSC will be distributed no later
than 50 days from the official commencement of the crowdsale, which
will be announced by WhiteOutMashups on SAFE-FS Forums and the SAFE
Network Forums. This announcement will be followed by a listing of
all the verified and accepted transactions—the transactions that
fit the terms of sale, including the “Minimum Investment” term
above—and other public information about the sale. [/quote]

Actually I offered to double check (audit) his coin distribution calculations and have already done a trial run. @whiteoutmashups has not yet and dosen’t have as much free time as myself so give him a week or so and couple for getting rid of pesky errors in the calcs. 22 days have passed already so up to 28 more. (4 weeks)


Yeah thanks man, I remember I came across that. Could/should have known lol.


Shouldn’t take that entire time, but wanted to give that amount of time to be safe.

EDIT: Reading what Neo has written, about 28 days left? Definitely misphrased that in the documents, as it should read the commencement of the recording of transactions, which became possible for the very first time on Wed 20th (after transactions finished). May have to fix that…

Either way, should be sooner than that, but that is the amount of time that should have been allowed.


Making excellent progress in this area, another small update:

SAFE-FS Coins have been created and are being held here until the crowdsale transactions are finished being recorded, calculated, verified and released to the community (9S coin was just for testing Omni).

After that the SAFE-FS coins will begin being sent out to the participating addresses. Everything going just as planned, and no delays in sight. Things should be completed within around a week’s time, at current pace.


Further update:

We have released the first draft of our crowdsale numbers.

We are now cross verifying these numbers with our moderators, and you the community members, before we begin issuing our SAFE-FS Coins to the addresses shown.

Everyone interested is free to do their own verifications and contribute. and are both being used for this.


Super duper thanks for the fast update AGAIN! Really, I mean that, you’re always faster as the trolls and short term traders, you really spoil us lol. Thanks man. :slight_smile:

However, is it me or does the sheet only contain the contributions? Because after a conversion to an Excel sheet, it shows only the (for you) incoming XBT and Maid amounts per sender address. And I see no Safe FS per contributor information, correct?


yes we need these numbers to be verified first, before we use them to calculate the SAFE-FS coin divisions.

Those numbers come from these numbers, so these need to be finalized first


Right, got it. In that case I can confirm my contribution is correctly noted on that list. :slight_smile: