SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



Hi please kindly check again:

Large transaction, I understand the push.


Hope everyone has been enjoying the ERC20 tokens!

Just completed another round of orders.

This token is such a joy to use, it’s so much smoother, faster, cheaper and more visually appealing than our previous token version.

Have several interesting plans to utilize its new features to the fullest!

We are proud of our conversion system and being the first MaidSafe project to upgrade its assets to the Ethereum network :smiley:

Looks like several trades have gone through, excitedly watching.

Can always trade SFSC/ETH at


Any progress with the safe-fs project?


Not sure what you want,

There’s no bug fixes with our current versions, so besides that am just working to allow the SAFE-FS business to survive these markets by focusing time in other areas of the crypto sphere where action is happening. Unfortunately that’s the current reality :cry: :cry:

Don’t forget SAFE-FS was a $50k ICO, 10x less than decorum and exactly 160 times smaller than MaidSafe itself, financially, so it’s not like i can just hire as many people as them and provide all the updates etc etc. But I feel I have done an exceeding amount of pre-SAFE development nevertheless, and will continue as reality permits.

If SAFE takes off though I’m in a really good position to bring all parts of SAFE-FS to the SafeCoin markets for profitable lifeblood, but until then I’m having to face the current reality of everything, since it’s 2018 already…

These constant prods definitely confuse me sometimes. I might just link back to this reply in the meantime.


What are you working on?


Limited advising, consulting, development. The industry keeps growing, despite the price.


@whiteoutmashups thank you, you do a great job!


Unfortunately we are all dependant on the progress of SAFE. First time seeing him down after 2 years. He is facing the reality which I think he means that he doesn’t expect the project go live any time soon. I remember Will saying that if the network doesn’t go live by 2018 he might go into other ventures. Maybe he is contemplating that now.

I invested in the project expecting a product and then maybe some kind of ROI. I got the project on testnet, he kept his promises that’s for sure and thank you for that.

I remember that 1 BTC was around 600 usd so just keeping the BTC would have given 550k valuation. I know Will has sold all of it but if we are comparing projects and investment I have done poorly.


Ouch :facepunch: would have been great.


Not sure why you are always so defensive TBH. Just wanted to know what is happening with safe-fs.


Not “always”. But sometimes, yes, I agree with @Lisa_Brown. When the community is interested in the development or even points out bugs, that is a good thing.


Sorry then. Thought it sounded like I wasn’t delivering something I was expected to.

Glad to learn I misunderstood.

Apologies. Truly.

But, the above was a good opportunity to clarify my current perspectives on a few things, for anyone watching and wondering.


Just stumbled upon this piece of ancient history:

My first steps out on my own. Led to many adventures, and ultimately MaidSafe :slight_smile:

Never looked back. Life is crazy :slight_smile:


Testing a new format for an idea :bulb:

Stay tuned


Its alive? Which is safe: address?


Which exchange is the FILE-FS token getting its market value from on omniwallet? I see at the end of your very cool video that you expect Bittrex to be one of the exchanges, that would be incredible. I expect it to be on many decentralized exchanges. Thanks for your hard work and keeping us up to date, I look forward to uploading my mind to Safe-fs :wink:


I think since its for the omni version that it’s coming from the SAFE-FS Bitsquare trades

Thanks and yes it’s on a few ETH DEXes right now and will fill out the forms for more :+1: