SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



Nice, here’s a shot for anyone interested:

I’m contacting them for the official listing as well though, to provide users more info on our token when they look us up on there


Sounds good - an official listing is much better, as people can find it in the list rather than having to copy/paste in the contract address.

Much better than Omni dex in my opinion!


At 0.1 ETH per SFSC, that’s already a 750,000% ROI from the $0.0096 ICO price of SAFE-FS Coin :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m not sure if that price will hold at this early point :thinking:


Hmmm, that’s less than a million percent… I might raise it :wink:

I’m sure they’re over priced, but just wanted to kick it off with a fun price. Once there’s some volume with various buyers & sellers, a market price can be established, but I’m not able to be a proper market maker here.

Maybe in a few years time people will consider it a bargain at this price!


Further updates to our Ethereum token


Hey @whiteoutmashups your website is very slick but - as a bit of constructive criticism - at no point do you explain what Safe-fs (the app) is, what its purpose is and why anyone should care. Honestly, if I arrived at out of the blue, or even with some prior knowledge, I’d have no idea about what exactly you are trying to do.


Yeah thanks that’s the company website, showing all our apps and about us.

Perhaps one for the filesystem is needed.

Many changes in the pipeline already but thanks will consider this


I also think it’s important to clearly state the full names of the key people involved, not just nicknames.


How long does the swap take? I sent my tokens to be swapped about a week ago and I can’t see anything happening.


My mistake. . . . . . .


I am waiting as well after sending the tokens, unsure if i need to do anything more on this


Yep conversions are happening, you don’t need to do anything that isn’t written on the website thanks.


SAFE-FS INTI Malaysia App Devs Tutoring Video #1

Have been teaching groups of students how to use the SAFE Network to make decentralized applications.

This group, for example, is in the process of making a marketplace front-end application that sellers can adapt to their needs, much like OpenBazaar, allowing for a totally secured and anonymous shopping experience


Just finished another round of SAFE-FS ERC20 processing. All coins have been sent, if you still don’t have yours, I need your BTC transaction data and ETH address PM’ed to me please. Thank you


I didnt get mine, but I am not allowed to send PM’s here (I think my account is too new). If you could write me, I should be able to reply with the details.


Thanks just messaged you


Market updates. Volume growing,

SAFE-FS Coin hovering around $0.09 - $0.11 US cents.

Exactly 10x so far from ICO.

Interesting to see this grow, please join our Telegram and our Forums for more updates :+1:

Lol who’s trying to buy 16,000% of all SAFE-FS Coins in circulation? They might have trouble with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Will, can you explain how to use ForkDelta to buy SAFE-FS? I can not find them in the search engine on


Yes for now it’s just this,

I’ve submitted the pull request to the ForkDelta Github branch but I guess it takes processing time, so for now they can be traded manually at that link


I did not get my tokens and i did send private message to you @whiteoutmashups