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Please read the content produced, the mockup is a clearnet proof, not the final, documented SAFE Network application (which isn’t even funded yet)

On which? or the mockup?

This is the first official announcement of the project. No permanent hires have even been made yet. Once they actually have, it will be possible to create these pages, and it will be done. But we aren’t at that point yet, the project has only just been released

Yes more details are being released with the documents once they are finalized. They are still being reviewed, as they are extremely important to get right. An entire paper is also being released about SFSC and what it represents / provides, and updates and details will always be coming out regularly about the project, if successful. You definitely do not have to participate if you feel that anything presented was not to your liking

Please read the lengthy post above about this. There’s one in response to @Savage and one in this same reply to you. 3rd time answering this question here

@Blindsite2k sorry if you feel resistance to anything here, appreciate the feelings. But it seems that you are asking me for a finished, documented product, so I have to remind you it is day zero for the project right now so I am a little confused by this expectation. The app hasn’t yet even been funded or released, and that’s the entire point of us beginning this process here today. I hope you’ve paid attention to the progress and updates of the SafeAppStore, but if you haven’t I’ve provided many links.

We are still waiting for many tools to be released for SAFE App developers, so we have done what we can with the clearnet and server-based databases / mockups for the meantime.

The most important thing we can do to ensure the project is successful at this point is organized and make sure we are 100% prepared and ready once those tools are released, so we can quickly deploy and become first-movers.

Hope all of these answers help


I think those final two words might be the key here :slight_smile: but please keep giving specific feedback and we will continue to optimize!


Dude you’re asking for an investment. I totally get you’re creating something new. I totally understand that new documentation will be created as code is written. However one generally has a plan. And perhaps hiring devs for x amount of money would be something that should be on the roadmap.

Main site.


Organized Dev Team

Through work with the SafeAppStore, we now have a very
organized and efficient team of developers, and a growing contact list
of additional programmers when needed."

It’s not Savage or I that you have to be answering this to. My point was: It was not on your site and so any random person reading up on it would not have that info. Do not assume that someone reading the site is someone who knows about the forum, is inclined to sign up on the forum, or who even knows about the SAFE network. Do not assume they know about your previous work with the App site. Do not assume they know you from Adam. I am critiquing your site so that random people coming across your site will not be turned off by it or worse yet start bitching at you or giving you bad reputation. I’m trying to help you dude.


Which is why the project is an entire team of people :slight_smile: we all have our different strengths


I see, I’ll add the hyperlink


And they will as soon as we do.

Perhaps an “About Us” page with empty boxes and general descriptions of applicants for each position is in order? Not sure if this is the best idea at the moment though.

Definitely worth considering


Nice work @whiteoutmashups it is good to see you at it and getting more refined with each iteration.

I will for sure be participating in the crowdsale. How much do you anticipate you will be able to get complete before the SAFEnetwork has persistence? Is the community SAFEnetwork enough for an MVP for this application?

Nice job on hosting with github, it will make the switch SAFE hosting much easier. I would suggest you program your domain DNS to point to the github site rather than forward or whatever is causing it to show the github address rather than your vanity domain.

Congrats! I am very pleased to see young talented, motivated people like yourself stay focused and work hard on projects that really matter.


There is definitely very much we can do with the current Droplet network. So far, with the SafeAppStore, we have seen that it is best used for testing our designs and layouts on SAFE, because (at least the current version) has a 33 file limit per application, which is barely enough for our website with the CSS and javascript files. Much of the work of uploading our released App Store designs has been merging these types of files.

There are also other nuances to these early networks, but our main need is the API toolkit. While some small third party tools are being made in this area, the APIs from MaidSafe will be the big breakthrough, moreso than persistence.

And yes thank you, it seems to be a temporary glitch. We are fixing this with our new Domain provider


Im interested in how the coin compliments the project? (please point me in the right direction if I missed use case)


The coin is very similar in use to the SafeAppStore Coin, representing voting rights and SafeCoin profit sharing. The main difference is it is made to be listed on exchanges.

This and much more will be released in the Specifications document very soon


Give yourself some credit man. You’ve been working on this project for awhile now and what with a link back to the previous app site have work to show for it. If nothing else you could put a bit of your own bio on there about previous projects like your work with the app site and currating all the apps on through other things you have done and combine that with a bit about yourself and a general mission statement for this project. People visiting the site will be interested in the Why as much as the What or the How. Why, motive, belief system, philosophy. That’s one of the important things to put on your about us page. Why are you doing all this. What is the belief system/philosophy that is bringing you, your team and your customers/investors/users together?


Great to hear and great to see you’ve been working hard on this.

So this is inextricably linked to SAFE and there’s zero possibility of it ever being decoupled from the maid-train? I suspect I know the answer to that question given your unwavering support for the project so far, but given what happened with SAFEX becoming EXSAFE it seems sensible to double-check ;).

Look forward to seeing the last bits come together and who else might be involved in the ‘team’.


:smiley: Not to worry there! I bleed blue and white :smiley: I’ll make it very clear and official. The following is a legally binding statement: “SAFE-FS and SafeAppStore are both applications for the SAFE Network exclusively, for the entire duration of their existence, and their primary function is and always will be to run on the SAFE Network for SafeCoin rewards.”

Feel free to copy / screenshot / anything you need to on that :slight_smile: I haven’t able to stop thinking or talking or working with SAFE ever since I was first introduced to the idea, and none of my projects will ever switch over to anything less than SAFE because of the extremely clear and powerful vision + people behind it :slight_smile:


Have there been other crowdsales run by @whiteoutmashups ?


More of a flash sale :grin: with a very modest amount sought.


Well that’s an attitude and level of commitment I think I can invest in. :grin: As long as we’re on the same page and this is about the big picture (SAFE changing the world), not ‘just’ a distributed file sharing app. I’m with you brother, you can’t count me in for some coin :triumph:


How will your new project (SAFE-FS) compare to your original project (SafeAppStore)?

Will you be working on both projects simultaneously?

What is the status of SafeAppStore? What has been accomplished?

Were coins/tokens/etc issued after the SafeAppStore crowdsale?

On what platform will SAFE-FS tokens be issued and when do you anticipate that token issuance to take place?


It’s a different project.



And that money is for the SafeAppStore only.

It is being held until the SAFE Network is more complete, and we are able to finish the deeper levels of the App Store with the SAFE APIs.

This sale is for a completely separate application


They are very different types applications. One is a distributed filesystem and the other is an App Store. You can read about SafeAppStore at

Yes, with different teams of developers. Laid out in this post here