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I had my SAFE-FS guys create some (we are officially now releasing to public domain) ant characters for usage anywhere

Hope they are helpful. Can make more

Thought MaidSafe needed a mascot character :slight_smile:


How are you getting on with the actual File System (or any Safe-FS tech)? Do you have code or test versions or UI to share?


Please actually read my updates man

SAFE-FS alpha 2 version was released weeks ago. Read. Try it out. Open your browser. safe://safefs.webapp

And about a year ago it was stated that it’s closed source until the SafeCoin income is secured on launch version of SAFE

Can’t believe that question / tone :stuck_out_tongue: just scroll up


Another MaidSafe video from SAFE-FS:

Low bandwidth out here so I haven’t even seen it yet lol


…if not sooner :slight_smile:

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Is that bridged to matrix?


Hmm I don’t think so


If you want to provide this (and other bridges) I think @riddim knows how.


to be honest @frabrunelle did set it up - when i first tried it i was a bit too fast and missed out a detail :smiley: so he’s the most competent bridger i know! :slight_smile:

Ps: this is the bridge we use in the tech/trading channels it was the easiest solution we found [francis found it] and it works with a delay of some seconds from time to time but has proven to be relatively reliable until now =)


Wow, Will!!
I’ve not been following this thread for a few months and you’re rockin’. Fabulous.






Beginning the first private SFSC burns to this address internally with partners:


Just for public information. Not completely live yet


curious about the process … is it a one-way-street? no way back possible or will you be able to switch back and forth between erc20 and omni?


Yes it only offers one way, to convert to ERC20 system

I would never use that HAXEL system, it leaves you completely vulnerable to someone (hacker or HAXEL website admin) getting your HAXEL password and minting more coins, and totally ruining the cap and overall trust in your ERC20 project. Using simple tools like that completely destroy the security of any project you might have

Need to have strong underlying programming fundamentals and time tested systems



First SAFE-FS ERC20 Token burn transactions have completed successfully, resulting in our first investors already receiving their upgraded / converted coins.

Same fixed 5 million SFSC supply across both chains, converting only one way from BTC (Omni) protocol to ETH erc20, through web form.

Convert yours today, and buy/sell our SAFE-FS Coins on many next-gen Ethereum exchanges soon!

Could do a video Q/A soon if anyone wants. Can post questions below also.


Hi Will, I sent my OMNI tokens 30 days ago, when will I get the new ERC20 tokens?


Great post,

As I’ve said in the telegram:

“Thanks yes only the first transfer was made, linked to on that post. It’s being verified and examined to make sure everything is fine on all explorers and adding some verification info like our links etc to Etherscan, and when everything is working right will get back to sending out the rest.”


SAFE-FS ETH Token Updates

All Ethereum-based SAFE-FS Coins have been distributed as per the successful burn entries submitted through the website. If you have not received your SFSC, please email me or simply send me a message through the forum here, and include the BTC address you sent your Omni SFSC from, and I will be able to see and handle the rest for you.

The following submitted addresses have not sent their Omni SFSC successfully to the burn address. If any of these are yours, please resubmit your claim and make sure you actually send your Omni SFSC to the burn address it generates for you. Thank you:



SAFE-FS Subreddit Approved

Part of the many updates coming with the new SAFE-FS revamping.

SAFE-FS has come a long way in the shadows over the past few years, and with the Ethereum upgrade that we have seized and implemented, we are excited to bring new public energy back into this project.

We will produce the first of many more regular, stylized (possibly infographic) SAFE-FS comprehensive weekly or bi-weekly updates, very soon. Once our Ethereum tokens are on exchanges (which we are already in the preliminary stages of), allowing new people to join our platform and currency project, we anticipate additional waves of public interest, and are laying the solid foundations to organize these new SFSC owners and enthusiasts.

Look out for our updates very soon, followed by additional video interviews as our MaidSafe applications and marketing expand :slight_smile:


You can trade any ERC20 tokens on Forkdelta and Etherdelta… so I’ve put 20 SAFE-FS coins up on Forkdelta @ 0.1 ETH each just for fun… someone should buy them so that Safe FS has a ridiculous market cap :wink:

They can be traded here:!/trade/0x6204f04dc9a0a7c1a5e9eb8736fc8ea28484fa9c-ETH