SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



I feel guilty for not keeping up with this thread no - keep up the great work @whiteoutmashups!


Thanks for the support everyone. Very excited for the future :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work dude!

/fekin bubble noise still does my head in and forces me to mute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just some updates from our company instagram

With some of our partners


SAFE-FS Coin :heart_eyes:


Will Safe-fs be listed on any exchanges soon do you know?


We are looking to (at least partially) switch to erc20 and one more platform, then will email our submissions to increase our chances

Also @frabrunelle can we get this fixed please, our updates have been quite regular. Not sure how to streamline the updating of this site, but it’s unfortunately the first result for SAFE-FS on google searches, so can we please update that. Alpha 2 version was released less than a month ago

And “website” directs to so could we please have that fixed to our nice website please? Thanks


Sure, I just updated the SAFE-FS page on

Let me know if it’s OK :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to open issues or submit pull requests to this GitHub repo.


Awesome perfect thx Francis


interesting:smiley: like to know it more


Everyone’s welcome to attend,

At my SAFE-FS Malaysia office tomorrow

Will record things as well


Was a great event.

I used this event as a first test for my Global SAFE Pods Proposal, with @Harvindar as the selected “Leader,” as described in the link above.

I hope the community / MaidSafe can help to fund these together moving forward (CEP?), but this one was completely out of my own pocket to prove the system and kickstart it initially. I paid him $400 MAID for his work and these were his repsonsibilities:

  • organizing the event & finding a space ✓
  • doing the outreach and guaranteeing a minimum audience size ✓
  • taking no less than 10 pictures of the event, hopefully more ✓✓
  • providing video recording of the entire event with sound (editing now) ✓
  • finding & paying assistant(s) / helper(s) out of given budget, if needed ✗
  • creating & pushing a local SAFE group chat for the local SAFErs ✓✓
  • creating & execution of a structured agenda ✓
  • hiring a guest speaker (me @whiteoutmashups) ✓
  • organizing Skype guest(s) (will happen next time – @dugcampbell) ✗
  • presentation of a basic powerpoint / Prezi on SAFE ✓
  • paying for cheap snacks / food from the budget given ✓
  • designing (, printing & handing out brochures with relevant SAFE details ✓
  • Giving a detailed, multimedia writeup of the event on with my template and listening to all community feedback, as they are the ones who will choose to fund you for future ones
  • providing basic plans of the event to the e-Office SMM marketing team (soon) ✗

Leader @Harvindar is finalizing several of these things so that they can be delivered to all of you, and we can hopefully have a sizeable discussion about how the community likes this, and how we can fund this group and others around the world moving forward. Would be nice to have many active MaidSafe Pods around the world, so that we keep growing and attracting new people and devs, and this structure can allow it to happen in a decentralized way.

Thanks, & watch for his post soon.

  • Will


Initial thoughts for SFSC moving to an erc20 form:

  • No time limit, unless exchanges would look down on two concurrent versions?
  • Omni & erc20 versions both being accepted for ASDGC & Safecoin contract claims
  • Omni SFSC can be sent by its holders to burn addresses to receive erc20 version
  • Will contact me via the forums here to schedule set send times to verify the transfer

erc20 SFSC will offer many many benefits to its holders and be a great step to take before approaching any further exchanges.

Was also contemplating an accepted WAVES token as well? Would there be any issue with having SFSC versions on Omni, Ethereum & WAVES concurrently?

What the hodlers think / prefer?


As a SFSC hodler I would be up to migrating my tokens to ERC20. It´s a nice experiment and could potentially offer some liquidity for the token since it might be easier to get it listed on an exchange. Being able to trade this asset would potentially create more interest.

From a traders perspective I personally would advise not to go with 3 separate tokens since that would create extra confusion (on top of the potential confusion of the ERC20 migration). Also very importantly it would spread the liquidity around too much which is not good.

If the transition to ERC20 goes smoothly then I would actually recommend retiring the OMNI token alltogether (meaning that OMNI tokens would only be convertible to ERC20 tokens or the actual SFSC tokens that will come with Safenet. No exchange should list them).


Thanks that helps and sounds quite logical. I could get behind that.

Anyone else is also free to voice their insights also


I agree with @TaaviK. While I like the Waves concept, and the fact that the coin could automatically be on the Waves Decentralised Exchange, I fear that the audience may be too small.

However, getting an ERC20 token on exchanges may be difficult, with thousands of tokens vying to get on to them, so perhaps it’s worth considering the waves option as an alternative to ERC20 due to guaranteed exchange access?

I do expect that it should only be one new token to stop things getting too confusing… but perhaps people can handle a token existing in 3 different forms if it’s easy to verify that they are legit?


I worked closely with a few exchanges when assisting with the @Gamerbits project and others here in Asia, so I could guarantee at least 1 to 2 exchanges initially with an erc20 version of the current SAFE-FS coin.

I can totally see how WAVES could cause problems every step of the way, with 3 versions complicating everything. And just because they have a DEX isn’t a good enough reason, since we will at least get on 1-2 with an erc20 version anyway.

Just adding to the conversation


Sounds good - if you can guarantee the ERC token to get on an exchange or two that’s great. It’s a much more widely adopted standard than waves, so agree it’s likely the best choice.


Just go with the erc20, it seems most plausible. I have no intention of selling my SFSC anyway (in have much confidence in will!). If it’s an easier way of exchanging in the future it’s a no brainer.


I agree that we should just go ahead with erc20. In addition to other advantages, it will make it easier to hodl via trezor device as well.