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Very successful first event.

Lots of footage, will edit and upload.

Mostly got to know each other, and laying out plans for what we can do for marketing for MaidSafe and SAFE Net tech. Very excited for the group and efforts here. Hosting another Jan 13th!


Looking forward to that! :blush::hugs:


Not finished with the video footage, 360 taking a few days :stuck_out_tongue: but here’s something new from our designers :slight_smile:


WOW looks awesome :scream:


Guys can we get the MaidSafe Malaysia Meetup added to that please?


SAFE-FS Alpha 2 Ver 0.2.0

Available at safe://safefs.webapp

Basic functions completed, formatting the files displayed to fit our current template over the next few days.

The added manpower (9, as of right now) has really boosted our production timelines :slight_smile:

Extremely excited to move forward every day. Progress, step by step!

(The code for SAFE-FS is happening in private repos).



Draft of a marketing video in the horizon :slight_smile:

Team has been debating different layouts etc.


Cant wait to see all these safenet nuts and bolts out in the wild. 2018 surely the year?!


no doubt in my mind :slight_smile:

And I was just coming back here to thank @maidsafe 's @hunterlester for the playground safe:// sandbox, because it’s the second time one of my SAFE-FS devs have said they appreciate the environment while they’re getting going.

So just really wanted to say that. Great guy and hope to catch up in Cali again soon man! @hunterlester :+1:


SAFE-FS Alpha 2 Release Trailer


I like it, but two [constructive] comments.

  1. Less of the bubble noise in the first half imo. The sound is annoying by the third time letters pop up.

  2. Fewer of the pics, I think it looks less professional and serious with that many of them (one or two is fine imo).

Great stuff though Will! Can’t wait to use SAFE-FS.


Thanks for watching! We’re very happy with it, been through many revisions. Can’t make progress by remaking materials to fit each and every person’s individual preferences though. I’m sure that makes sense. Would be remaking marketing materials ad
infinitum and that’s not why SAFE-FS exists, as a company :0

No need to wait!

It’s on alpha 2, v0.2.0


Nice work mate :+1:

As Jabba mentioned there are a few minor things visually that don’t sit right with the eye (bubble sound, wave graphics, font styling/sizing etc) but that’s as you said a personal thing so don’t sweat it too much with our feedback.

I like the little teaser at the end re: adding to the exchanges, as someone who missed your crowdsale im looking to support you guys and vacuum up some SAFE-FS as soon as it’s added to an exchange :slight_smile:

On a seperate note a pat on the back for hanging in there over the last couple of years, particularly with the move to SE Asia. It’s hard sometimes getting feedback quickly on things when most of the rest of the world sleeps. Patience pays off always remember that mate :wink:


Brilliant Will. I’m dancing :man_dancing: man!

Happy today for several reasons so this hits the spot for me. I’ll have to be careful though, or your enthusiasm and optimism might infect me.

I’m sorry I haven’t checked out the latest stuff yet, neither yours nor MaidSafe’s because my geek time is full on coding for a while, but I hope to soon.

Good luck to you and your team. Maybe I’ll be able to visit you guys one day - I’ve not been to Malaysia but I love the east and my partner is intent on visiting Japan. Keep posting, I love to hear about the project and your adventures.


360 VR images I promised from our first MaldSafe Malaysia Pod Meetup at SAFE-FS HQ:

Was a great event. Video coming…


Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

from all of us at @SAFE-FS

logo x-mas


Additional SAFE-FS Designer

Continuing our gorilla marketing for MaidSafe on all social media platforms. Please upload and share these images so MaidSafe can grow!

#342 (telegram)

Please join! Part of a bigger plan I’m rolling out soon :slight_smile:

Also organized all our SAFE-FS company YouTube videos from over the years. Getting things organized for some releases soon:)


SAFE-FS Complete Redesign

Working straight through the holidays, we at SAFE-FS have some big updates to share.

A brief overview of our updates include:

  • Overseas offices
  • New hires
  • Asian partnerships
  • Pursuing Exchanges
  • New Website

We have been hard at work every day at SAFE-FS :slight_smile: and expanding rapidly. The growth of crypto over the 4+ years of our operation has boosted our work and capabilities greatly, and I have been giving myself a crash-course in management as I have taken a deep-dive right into hiring, contracts, staffing, HR, management, etc etc etc internationally, for SAFE-FS. This has proven immensely successful, and led to the Alpha 2 Release of SAFE-FS previously, which is key to our listings and further success.

We have made 12 hires within the past 2 months, and had to let a few go, which is natural. Now we have a comfortable team of 7 not including myself, with teams for Social Media Marketing, SAFE-FS Development (frontend, backend & mobile), YouTube Marketing, and Website Design. We have been highly productive recently, as you can see with all our releases by scrolling up. You can see further activity from our staff on the SAFE Dev Forum.

Our partnerships over the past year have been perhaps one of the most unique developments for us in recent times. The SAFE-FS brand has grown to substantial recognition, and we have been reached out to by many parties, as we expand. @Gamerbits was the first in Asia to reach out to us, and our partnership with them has proven to be mutually beneficial, as they now have unique security benefits for their platform, and we have several exciting SAFE Net apps on the way from them, as part of my escrow requirements for them.

I have also been reached out to by other parties through our company connections (you can see me at various events by searching #whiteoutmashups on social media) and I have decided to take up residence in this part of the world for the foreseeable future, as I continue to open offices, recruit staff and seed SAFE Net in as many areas as possible. The need for this type of communications network is incredible, as many countries here have radically different relationships with the internet here due to government oversight / control.

Every new partnership brings additional value to SAFE-FS. Every App that I partner with, or advise for, that is built on the SAFE Network, comes under my SAFE-FS SafeCoin contract that allocates automated SafeCoin revenue for all SAFE-FS Coin holders. That means every app that either SAFE-FS or its partners make creates additional SafeCoin revenue streams for SAFE-FS Coin holders. This is the power of our new partnerships around the world. This includes @Gamerbits and the others. More info on our new website.

With this, we have a powerful value proposition for our project and coin, and are finally pursuing the exchanges. We have several on our list that we are in the final stages of fulfilling the requirements for, and are excited to take these steps for our project. We may ask for our followers to assist us in sending interest emails and the like to these exchanges as we complete this process.

Finally, our new SAFE-FS Website is meant to serve as the main entry point for new users, investors and community members to learn about SAFE-FS, what we are, what we have built for SAFE, and what our plans are for the future. It also explains SAFE-FS coins and their value here, and these tokens grow in utility for every new application we make, and new partnership we gain.

Thank you for allowing us the time to grow, and we are very pleased with where we are now. With all of our work over the many years being put together so clearly in this website, we are confident that we will ble listed in many locations very soon.

Privacy, Security, Freedom!

  • Will “WhiteOut” Gallo III


This automated SAFE-FS holders’ revenue is based off of the network-level SafeCoin rewards set aside for “builders” in the safenet enforced economics, for anyone needing additional explanation.

These network-level economic systems will first be tested as SAFE reaches its beta launch.