SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



Indeed. Openledger may be a bit better, but still not easy to use compared to centralised exchanges.

I also hope NVO can change that in the future. Or Safex :smiley:


People use stuff that’s easy to use. As Dirvine always says, ‘it needs to just work’. NVO look like they have a good appreciation for that from what I’ve seen of their wallet and the design of their exchange. Clean, simple and quick. Fingers crossed for them. Like most people I’ll wait for the last few days to buy-in I guess, but I will do.

Anyway, we’re going off-topic, sorry.


NVO banner and their website is pretty good merchandise for us. The banner is on coinmarketcap :slight_smile:


Hey Will,
Can you give us your take on the current development of SAFE network. It is 5 months into 2017 and I read tests are ongoing but I feel like we are long way off to actually changing the world in 2017. You had some uncertainties about the project. Would you be willing to talk about alternative projects or is it too early?



As long as Alpha2 happens real soon, (within weeks, sounds like) so everyone can focus on making great apps while MaidSafe figures out all the final routing etc, I’m happy.


Thanks, anonymous users, for your interest & adding more content to our live SAFE-FS mockup


Had issues finding these FS Omnis for sale on Bitsquare, but glad to know they are transferable at least.


Hey everyone, I saw that Pedro at @Gamerbits just posted their Asia eSports ICO info on our forum.

I had been helping their project for a good while now, with some advising and occasional code, as I think it’s a very interesting project and they have a good enough reach in China to really make a splash.

In return for my help, they have added our SAFE-FS coins here to their ICO accepted coins list. This adds more potential for options with our coin as we await exchanges to accept us (and the most recent progress update is that we received an email back from and they said they do not integrate with Omni assets).

Just thought this could be a boost to SAFE-FS holders in the meantime, thanks!


Hi! :robot:

I am not quite sure if mutable data is now available to developers to play with or not. If yes, have you @whiteoutmashups already started developing SAFE-FS or do you have to wait for Alpha 2? Alpha 3? Would be curious to check out a prototype on safenet!

I know the topic of the exchange listing is very sensitive and I almost didn’t dare to bring it up again but here I am doing it :see_no_evil:. Please do not take this as an attack from a greedy investor. I am just wondering if now after more than a year maybe it would be cool to have SFSC listed on a more liquid exchange than bisq. What do you guys think? If the general sentiment is that it is still to early I am ok with that.

If people are in favour of an exchange listing I have a suggestion although I guess it is way to much work for @whiteoutmashups. So please, this is just a suggestion, since it seems very unlikely that in the current state an exchange will list SFSC out of its own. I think an exchange listing would easily be possible if SFSC would switch blockchains. So the suggestion is to make a swap from Omni Protocol to ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. After that SFSC would be tradeable on etherdelta and I guess also on since they list almost all ERC20 Tokens. The barrier for other exchanges to add SFSC would also be lowered since it is very easy for almost all exchanges to add ERC20 Tokens compared to Omni Assets.


I reckon a token swap to ERC20 would take weeks of work/effort.

Better to see that time going in to SAFE-FS and his other SAFE interests imo. There isn’t that much value in making it tradeable before there is a v1 that might create enough interest for a decent market to develop.

We all have our own priorities of course, but personally I’d rather Will use his time as efficiently as he can. I don’t think a token transfer is an efficient use of time for a lone developer working on several things. He seems to spend a lot of time travelling now too, working on the SF meetups and with the maidsafe solutions guys.

Echo this though… any more updates?


Yeah, I already thought it’s not a very good suggestion after posting it :smiley: You convinced me, maybe it is something for later in time, but not now. It was just the only solution I could think of and that’s why I thought I’d at least share it.


Yeah, if it was a 5 minute job I’d be with you, ERC20 tokens are a lot more likely to be adopted and traded atm. Omni is going nowhere fast. I do agree. I’m just keener to see SAFE-FS appear than for it to be liquid… both necessary though of course.


I mean, in the same way that Decorum, N99 and others are doing, waiting for more stable versions (and guaranteed not to change) of SAFE is how we are going right now. No real point in spending alot of time / resources on a version that will have to be changed quite radically by the next week, not to mention, month. I’m sure this makes sense?

And I don’t think we are switching tokens, or want to. MAID isn’t.

We still have liquidity of SAFE-FS Coin on Bitsquare and our acceptance in @Gamerbits. I know none of this is ideal, but neither is SAFE’s progress at this point in time, concerning App devs, at least, for now


I know I’ve said this before :grimacing: but I think the API is stable enough to build on now and won’t change radically. It might of course, but I’m planning to get back into it as alpha2 looks very close.


would be interesting if any one of the other apps felt this way at all, already


Is there anywhere I can sell my SAFE-FS at the moment? I’m one of the three who bought on BitSquare and now can’t find anywhere else that it is listed but I can see on blockchain there were still fairly regular transactions throughout August - could anyone point me in the right direction?


Hello @kdizzle87 we accept SAFE-FS coin in our ICO Crowdsale that closes in 3 days.

Besides that, Bitsquare software is the main option for it.



Thank you for youradvising, escrows, and support @whiteoutmashups!

Glad to be working with you on this.

Hoping for a successful final 12 hours right now!


Thanks good luck @gamerbits, looking forward to your SAFE Apps.

Definitely owe everyone a SAFE-FS update, as it’s been much too long without public statements and I apologize deeply. It’s unlike me, but lots of things have been happening in the background.

First is that I’ve been making more international partners and expanding networks, and am helping with a project in Malaysia right now that is loosely connected to MaidSafe Asia, and will lead back to it. The reason I have taken them up on it is that I am being allowed a office space and in-house employee, for SAFE-FS full time (looks like), which is a hugely exciting addition to the current teleworkers. Having someone around the clock working with me will open the floodgates to regular development progress every day, which will be uninterrupted by my meetings or other appointments.

We are still looking for the right candidate, but there are many resumes to choose from and the office location has been settled. Very excited to begin work with him/her soon, and some of these things will be among the first tasks:

  • SAFE-FS TEST 19 (or later) version with current APIs
  • SafeAppStore hardcoded version, no APIs but outfitted for SAFE (TEST 19 or newer)
  • General updates to my Github projects, including:
  • APP ZERO updated APIs version
  • New MockRouting Repo with hunter’s new tools
  • SecretChat updates for new APIs and chatrooms
  • SafeTube that allows user-submitted content
  • DemoApp version to allow easy folder, ID and site creation from the browser
  • Redesigned Alpha Directory (Repo) for Alpha 2, allowing user-submitted content
  • Coinfolio updates with saved sessions so you don’t have to re-enter always

,…of course those are listed in order of importance. Been laying the groundwork for Alpha 2 :smiley:

As part of our partnership agreement, the @gamerbits team is also funding and providing support for another round of emails and outreach to crypto exchanges for SFSC listing, looking at Bittrex first. They support MAID so they must already have the infrastructure for Omni assets like ours.

My most recent video shows a glimpse of the office and some of the team I’ve been working with:


Nice update :grinning: