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I just noticed that my SAFE-FS coins now has gotten a price in my omniwallet, Has it hit an exchange?


Yes the has been the one that’s working best for us right now


I tested the waters there and for a month no one wanted to buy my approx 1000 coins. Also I noticed others trying to sell too and no buyers for over a month. The nature of the system has the trades appearing/disappearing as the decentralised peering for those people failed/returned. Its the nature of using tor.

I noticed that omni has DEx and people have traded omni tokens on it. Can we trade safe-fs on it?


Hmm IDK what that is., I would guess so, have you tried?


To be honest, Bitsquare is terrible.

I tried to use it, but I needed a bigger security deposit than expected, and then realised I’d need to keep Bitsquare open for my trades to remain open which doesn’t work for me (laptop moving from place to place).

Perhaps I’ll give it another go sometime, but the complexity / quirkiness of Bitsquare explains the dead markets even for popular coins. Unfortunately it seems it’s not user friendly / functional enough to gain traction at the moment.

Not sure if open ledger is any better. We need a decentralised exchange on the safe network :smiley:


Fully agree, Bitsquare was a disapponitment. And until it gets a critical mass of users and some reasonable volume, its unfortunately going nowhere.
Which is a great pity cos on paper it seems ideal.


You can blame me for that. I asked the guys at omniwallet to check out bitsquare, and within a few hours Adam programmed a link that picks up the latest trade price. And agree, the number of trades is not high yet, unfortunately. The few trades that have been performed however, raised the bar substantially to a floor from where Safe FS should lift off when they go life on the Safe Network. I’m using the price as an indication only. I’m not planning to sell any (and given my financial dedication to the Safe related projects, especially Safe FS, as it stands already, I’m not planning to buy more either).


Thats one high floor. It was a pleasant surprise to see it referenced on omni.


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Well earned Will. And now you have a modelling career too :wink:


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I did that route and back alone in 11 days. :laughing: definitely crossing further north if I do it again.


Back in the USA :slight_smile:

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Sorry I missed today’s update and video chat, it’s been hard having to find Wi-Fi spots when out and about overseas. But I’m back now and will be much more accessible!


Wow yeah it took me many months :stuck_out_tongue: and I only went one way! but I was going to as many Meetups for SAFE as I could, and got involved in some of the groups along the way so it took much longer. Can’t imagine doing it that quickly!


First time using Bitsquare since they listed SFSC. Looks like it’s working well!


I think bitsquare is a fail tbh. There’s no action in any market on there. It doesn’t seem like anyone uses it at all. I guess it just isn’t convenient or easy enough to use. Shame really because I’m all for decentralised exchanges. Hopefully NVO will do a better job of it. As they said, they also aren’t limited to adding coins themselves, devs of other projects can add support for their own coins. So you’ll be able to put SAFE-FS coins up on NVO when it launches. :grin:


you mean like daily? because people use it alot, even on SFSC as you can see, but they don’t just leave trades open all day like the software advertises you to do, because you need to leave your computer on.

So the way people use Bitsquare is by arranging trades with each other, and then just logging in to execute the trade quickly. But you shouldn’t expect to just see lots of open trade orders on there, because unlike centralized exchanges, that requires people to leave their computers on for the whole time.



There have only ever been three trades for SAFE-FS on there surely? What am I missing? It shows the trade history at the bottom. It’s the same as it has always been and there’s no volume in any other market history really either. Perhaps I am missing how it works? I haven’t actually used it.


ok I was replying to the first one, above. and then there is discrepancy between the two.

Not missing anything, I was just showing that the coins are being traded, & how


Bitsquare is barely trading BTC really. It trades 150x less volume than the next lowest above it (BitX). Which I’ve never even heard of.

As I say, it’s a shame. It would have been great if a decentralised exchange like bitsquare had taken off. :cry: