SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



Nice trolling Will, haven’t listened but I might just for that part! :laughing:


Hmm? I don’t follow ,…,


Joking :slight_smile:


Anyone interested in listing SFSC on I know we already have the bitsquare listing but the volume there is basically non existent. Cryptopia did not list omni assets in the past but they do now. They have a listing fee in their native currency which is currently around 1.5 BTC. I know it is a lot. I just wanted to suggest it as a possibility. If some people like the idea we could try to raise the listing fee as a community effort. Although I like to hodl SFSC as much as possible I would also like to be able to sell a little if I need to. If not for a paid listing my guess is it will take another year or so to get on an exchange that has a little volume.


Not a bad idea at all. I would contribute to that.

We could even get holders to make donations in SAFE-FS coins to the project and get Will to pay in BTC out of the coffers. I’m sure we could raise a hell of a lot more than the 1.5btc value in SAFE-FS coins and they would be worth a lot more as soon as a liquid trading market opened up. Presumptuous suggestion to make really, but I’m just thinking out loud, up to you ofc Will.

I’ll kick it off by offering 50K SAFE-FS coins if you do go that way. If not I’d also chip in some BTC.


I’m also happy to donate some btc, somewhere in the region of 0.2 to 0.3.


Yeah, why not. I did not think of that before. @whiteoutmashups what do you say? Would you be willing to set up a donation address and manage the process of collecting funds as well as to order the exchange listing through cryptopia in case we collect enough SFSC and/or BTC? I would do it myself but I think I do not have the trust you have around here and I guess that would over complicate things.


IDK how I feel about all of it, I mean it’s still early, version 0.1 isn’t even possible, why still all this dissatisfaction with the current trading option?

Worked quite hard to get bitsquare on your request, now you’re asking for more, at this extremely early stage for the project.

If you want to trade or speculate, use it. Contact people and use it to trade, like others have. It’s there and great and safe

This could go on infinitely, with you never being satisfied and always wanting to artificially inflate the price by adding to a never-ending list of exchanges asap, I don’t quite see what any end goal is here. Exchanges will add it when the time is right, when the project actually exists in real form

And even if this idea was to go ahead, only like 1/5 of the amount has been pledged so it’s too early to even feel right taking those donations yet, because who knows if/when the rest would ever be pledged if at all



Bitsquare isn’t a liquid market. It’s nice that it is on there, but it’s not really an option if anyone wants to buy or sell. No one is asking you to pump the coin, it is just a cheap way to get access to a more liquid market and all the benefits that brings.

Having SAFE-FS appear on a bigger exchange (like cryptopia) is pretty cool. It would mean more eyes on the token which means more people researching what it is and what it will try to do. It would be a step towards creating interest just as we’re getting to MD and the chance to see a v1.

Perhaps you’re right that it should wait for post v1. It is a bit pointless to do it before that I guess, but exchanges like cryptopia won’t just add it when the time is right, they’ll add it when you pay their fee. :wink: Be that now, at v1 or 6 months after v1. Larger exchanges will never be able to list it because it pays dividends and is therefore a ‘security’.

Seems like a very easy option for relatively little cash. Unlike bitsquare we’re paying so wouldn’t have to waste a load of time jumping through hoops with info to ‘apply’. Nik said he was happy to do it (well volunteered :sweat_smile:), so it wouldn’t even necessarily have to be you. I’m not sure why you gave such a negative response tbh. People want a liquid market for any asset they hold, even if they don’t plan on selling any time soon, that should not surprise anyone really. Bitsquare isn’t a liquid market. Liquidity and markets are not negative or shameful things. People trading their assets is not a bad thing. Having new avenues for people to stumble across the SAFE ecosystem is not a bad thing. Maidsafe themselves have enjoyed the benefits of being traded actively in liquid markets for years. I would never have found SAFE nor would many here if it were not for talk of the token.

I’m kind of puzzled by your response tbh. It doesn’t seem like you to turn a positive into a negative. I think you’re right to suggest waiting for post v1, but you make it sound like people are asking some great effort from you here. Since they support omni this would just be a matter of sending them the BTC and a bit of info by the sounds of it. Nik half-volunteer’ed himself so it would surely be easier to say “sure, but I’m really busy adding the value with development and other SAFE stuff, so you guys sort it out and see if you can raise enough”.

? How so. Dan said 0.2/0.3. I would happily give the same, it sounds like Nik would give something. Sounds more like we’re half way there with just three people already.


Yep. Visibility rather than speculation. I don’t intend to sell any (in fact I may even buy if the price is right!). It’s just another opportunity to get the word out. Sounds like maybe the experience of nagging / getting ignored / knocked back by exchanges has left a mark, but that this one wouldn’t be anything like as effortful.

I do agree that it’s a bit early though, and I’m sure you’ve other priorities.


We’d also probably get more donations and get the 1.5btc very quickly if we wait until after v1. More of us will have eyes on it then.

MD is getting so close now. It might still be a bit too soon, but hopefully not by that much :wink:


I just think its very early, and that we already have a perfect solution already for the point in time the project is at right now. Also feel like we just went through all this… I stand by every point I made above.

Exchanges rightfully want something to show for the coin. Makes sense

But IDK we can try this address and see what happens. I’ll give it 2 weeks, and if it’s not reached I’ll cancel & send the coins back to their sending addresses, so people don’t have to worry about coins being locked up for no reason. Apr20 - 12 noon EST May 4.



I think we’re agreed we should indeed wait for v1, but that it’s a good idea when we get there? That’s what I’ve taken away from this anyway.

No need to take on any work or stress until then. It was just raising the right idea a tiny bit early I reckon.

Good on you for being open to it though.


It was not my intention to get you upset like that. I know I have been a pain in the ass when I pushed for the first exchange listing with bitsquare. I really must have made a lasting negative impression back then. I’m sorry about that. I really appreciate the effort you put into it and was very happy that you managed to make it happen. Thank you! I can understand that it makes you angry when you think speculators are abusing your project. I guess these were not the kind of people you wanted to attract and have involved in this project. I hope I am not the kind of extreme speculator you think I am but I confess that I have invested in this project because I believe it is worth more than what was raised in the crowdsale and I think others had the same motivation. I did not participate out of goodwill although I would have liked to … but unfortunately I am not rich.

As I said before my motivation behind getting SFSC listed on an exchange is that for me – and I think for other investors as well – it is important to have the ability to reduce or liquidate a position if necessary. You never know what happens and maybe you would like or need to use the invested money otherwise. For example I started a small business last year and now I am running low on capital to scale it to a point where I can make a living from it. If I could sell some SFSC for a good price and use the money for my business that would be awesome. It would also be great to be able to get back into SFSC later on.

The problem with bitsquare is that it unfortunately does not really solve that problem. In my opinion it is not the perfect solution as you describe it to be. Nobody could have foreseen that there will barely be no liquidity at all for SFSC on bitsquare. Actually I suspect that the 3 trades that have happened have even been fake to try to establish a high price. I had no luck selling also at lower prices. The problem also is that your offers are only visible as long as you run bitsquare and I cannot run it 24/7.

This is why I suggested a cryptopia listing because I think it will solve the liquidity problem.

I do not really understand why you seem to have a problem with listing SFSC there in that early stage. What is the downside? Do you think due to the lack of product the price will fall and that could negatively affect the image of SAFE-FS? I mean nearly every second crypto project is listed on exchanges before they have built their actual product. Even Maidsafe has not a finished product yet. Still they see no problem being listed on exchanges for a very long time before a stable release. Or is it just that you think that it is too much effort for you and not worth your time? Maybe if I understood why you see this so negative I could better understand your anger. Anyway we do not have to get into that discussion. You can just ignore my questions.

You really do not have to organize that exchange listing now if you are so against it. That just makes me feel like I have again caused a lot of stress and work for you. I do not want that. I really just thought it is not that big of a deal. I would suggest that you do not do anything and if other investors like the idea we can organize the listing ourselves. Would that be ok for you?


To be really really honest, I fully agree with this. Maybe I’m a little bit of a contrarian investor, I don’t know. Of course I’m in this crypto game in general for a profit long term, but my investments in crowdsales (Safe FS being one of them, and @whiteoutmashups knows I’ve been quite generous % wise and by means of an OTC trade, with @whiteoutmashups help (at NO COST!, thanks for that man!) I even added more SAFE FS coins to my holdings) are always meant to help kick off development. I’ve helped @whiteoutmashups with the Bitsquare listing as much as I could, but I wouldn’t ask for more, being the humble me with a long term view.

To cut a long story short, I would like to contribute to things that @whiteoutmashups think are helpfull to reaching his goals. I’ll keep an eye on this topic to see how things develop further. :slight_smile:


I agree with this as well! :slight_smile: What is unclear to me is how that is an argument against an exchange listing. I am not looking to further drag on that discussion. I am just genuinely curious to understand the reasoning.

I am trying to answer my question about if it would be ok for @whiteoutmashups if the community would organize the exchange listing at some point in the future. If the associated effort is the only argument against the exchange listing this should be fine but maybe there is another reason? If there is the community would probably refrain from organizing the exchange listing.


I agreed, I gave in to you and put it together

But your idea has raised $0.00 total so far so that’s that I think.

Need to make moves when and only when the time is actually right


Man, can’t you just forgive someone and go back to respectful communication? I apologized repeatedly.

The fact that nobody donated yet is not because they do not like the idea but because of how you responded to the question. I mean two people already said they would donate with specific amounts. I think the reason why nothing has been raised so far is that people respect your wish to not list SFSC on another exchange. See:

Personally, I did not donate because it is still not clear to me if you are completely against the exchange listing or only think it is not worth your time to organize it. I also think that if you would have said something like “yeah it would be cool to be listed on cryptopia but do not have the time to organize it”, more people would have supported the idea. Also you gave me the impression that I did something really really bad to you by asking that question about the exchange listing and I did not feel good about that and did not want to make it worse for you.

I suggest that whoever besides @Jabba and @danski is willing to donate some BTC or SFSC contacts me via PM and we will see then if we can make it happen. We do not need much more as the donations of the three of us would already amount to approx. 1 BTC and approx. 1.2 BTC is needed at current prices. If you don’t like that to happen please say so.


I thought we agreed not to

It’s too early, did you read the other guys posts above


Why did you expect that my idea would raise more than $0.00 in that case? I was not sure that we agreed on it but ok at least you and @Jabba did. I guess this is because I did not understand what bad could come out of an early listing (meaning “Why is early bad?”). I especially do not understand this since that argument played no role when the bitsquare listing was organized. That could have been developed into a liquid market as well but back then you never had this concern with early. On the contrary you even expressed your intention that you want to list SFSC on as many exchanges as appropriate in your first announcement. That “early argument” to me felt a little made up because you were annoyed by me. I was hoping for a real argument that’s all.