SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



#v0.0.1 Released!

view it here: safe://safe-fs.wom5/

mostly on @happybeing 's request a few mins ago.

Very early version, still needs many font fixes and basic file/folder functionality.

Just the beginning here, will progress along with the SAFE API.

Had to take a first step at some point!
Much of the immediate functionality will be very easily ported over from our Demo App.


Thinking of making a Jacksonville SAFE Pod here, out of my house.

Could literally do it in 2 seconds; I have a paid account already and could just set up the page.

Anyone have any ideas or input?


Thanks annonymous users for uploading the new data to our Live Mockup,

All interest and contributions always very much appreciated :slight_smile:




just like to share my personal things on here lol for anyone interested.

All steps on the journey! step by step


Just want to say “well done”. The indomitable spirit of a Maid supporter. Good man :sunglasses::smiley:


Great story Will. Shows courage, adventurous spirit, intelligence and creativity to mention a few. It’s a privilege to share some of the journey with you and the others drawn to this project. Take care man.


Nice inspiring post! I have faith in what you are doing with safe-fs. And everything else maid!


The force is strong with Will Gallow III :metal:


Glad to see you working and trying to change the world:) That is an ambitious project. I hope you succeed.


A few updates recently,

Have been getting more settled and began outreach for devs here in the Jacksonville FL area. Just yesterday I officially started the JAX FL SAFE Pod Meetup page, but have yet to have any Jacksonville residents join yet, which I need. Maybe I’ll change the title to something more welcoming, like “Learn to code” group or “Collaborative Coders” group or “Open Coding Workshop” IDK. Want to get more people coming out and working on apps and learning SAFE together, most likely here at my house, which is in a super convenient location juts 8min from downtown and near many other JAX developers meetups.

So in the spirit of reaching out and getting this FL SAFE Pod going, I am continuing to go to local Meetups and meet people. Yesterday I went to a nearby “Desktop Linux Users Group” and it was fine. Mostly only users with little interest in programming so I don’t think I wll be coming back, but I definitely learned useful things about the different distros there. I should have realized from the “Users” part of the title that no programmers would be present :stuck_out_tongue: oh well live and learn. I have provided a quick video visual and an entire recording of the voices, which was very easy and I have been meaning to start doing. I will record all future events with the voice logs in the future as well, as it is much easier to leave my phone on the table recording than it is to try and record a video of everything (and it’s mostly just people sitting around a table anyway).

Will continue these efforts and as always will continue to give updates when I have them!

Very excited to see what my new city has to offer!

SoundCloud notes (so you don’t have to listen through everything):

  • 25:29 I speak a little, ask a question
  • 30:15 Diablo III joke :stuck_out_tongue:
  • 43:30 Fedora USA Treasurer gives history of Fedora / Red Hat
  • 1:20:00 they admit they’re not programmers :stuck_out_tongue:


#NEVERMIND :frowning:

So instead of that idea, I’m making a FACEBOOK GROUP CHAT! :smiley:

So anyone who would like me to add you to the SAFE Network FB Chat just let me know, you can message me a link to yourself or something and I’ll add you.

So far we have @happybeing and @frabrunelle but I want to add more of you guys!! @bochaco and @hunterlester come to mind, and the chat is already growing! :smiley: Anyone who wants to join, let me know how to add you on FB!

Most people are already always on FB anyway. And we can schedule live chats etc to talk code, SAFE-FS, updates, etc! :smiley: should be great!


Already have 7 people on the FB Group Chat, after 10min!

Let me know if you’d like to be added to it!


I don’t have FB, I don’t know coding anymore. I used to code while I was at university.

It seems there were some good updates lately, and I have some hope that there will be some good news before the end of this year. Not sure about live safenet though.


I planning a day where I do a video conference to teach people to use safe-js to make dynamic websites on SAFE very easily. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll try to find a day that works for everyone!


Great idea. I’m in! 20chars


Dang… They took Alpha1 down just now, I thought I’d have more time…

Hmm, trying to figure out how we can do this now


Test 15 should be soon and then a nice stable alpha 2 shortly after hopefully! Shouldn’t be too long of a wait


Is test11 still up?

Is any network up right now